Here are 6 great reasons to entrust the animation of your business blog to an expert. Entrust the writing of your content to a professional web editor? What a funny idea ! Anyone can write a blog post or a few lines on a website. At worst, if you are short on time, the intern can take care Grenada Email List of it – it will always be better than a collaborator outside the box. And then, it’s not that complicated to write texts for the Internet! Do you recognize yourself in some of these received ideas? Are you aware of the importance of content for your web marketing strategy, without understanding why you could not manage yourself internally?

The role of the web editor within a communication strategy is too often underestimated . And yet, the intervention of a professional writing on the web is essential if you want to boost your business. Here is why in six arguments. The shoemaker knows how to make shoes. The architect knows how to draw buildings. The teacher knows how to impart knowledge. And the web editor can write . He is able to deal with a wide variety of subjects, in many fields; to modify its style and its writing codes according to the requests and the target audience; to find valuable sources on specific topics; to produce blog posts as well as complex files, use cases or white papers. His thing is writing for the web.

 This is not surprising

Creative briefing is essential for you as a customer, as well as for your provider. Before thinking about the design of your communication m edium, it is essential to ask yourself all the right questions related to your communication project. Why ? Because the more your service provider (communication agency, web agency, web agency, print agency) has information about your communication project, the more it will be able to offer  communication support in line with your project. The creative briefing comprises several stages and must answer essential questions for you, the principal, as well as your service agency. What is the positioning of your services and product and your  brand  ? By explaining your strengths, your values ​​and evoking those of your competitors.


The problem? The constraints to be respected? They can be technical, graphic, human or related to deadlines that can be short for production and delivery.  What is the estimated budget allocated to your communication project? The objective of your communication medium. Can it be informative, it can aim to increase the visibility of your company, its notoriety, increase sales or even re-boost a product?  The briefing is a work of reflection that the principal must carry out before even contacting a communication agency. The objectives must be clear and defined upstream of the realization of the project. The analysis of the project components must be carried out on essential points and answer the questions previously asked.

The creative brief for the print

Indeed, the more the service provider will have elements specified in the briefing, the more the artistic direction will be able to propose an effective and relevant creation. All parties will be winners. The creative briefing for the print is essential whether it is for the client, the communication agency or the graphic designer. Its objective is to define all the contours of your project, to explain the problem to be solved by exposing its various constraints. Upon receipt of the brief, all that remains is for the agency to analyze it and then provide a print communication solution that meets the needs and budget of its client.

For the creation or redesign of a logo, for example, it is essential to know the role of the logo and its objectives in order to establish a briefing to be sent to the communication agency or to the graphic designer. Be simple to remember and “speak” to your target to identify your activity, the services of your company, by the use of colors , the design (if there is one because sometimes the name and the colors speak of ‘themselves) , the choice of typography, It is important to know your competition and to clarify the main elements that differentiate you from them. If you can pass on logo examples of your main competitors, that’s a plus!

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