But you have a good chance of finding information about the image, an identical image, similar images, and even websites where you will find a similar image. All you have to Iceland Email Address  then is contact the site in question to find out if the image is subject to copyright and to get their agreement to use it.  Images found in Google are usually sourced from other hosting sites and are the property of their creators. In addition, most of these images are subject to usage rights. It is therefore risky to use an image found in Google without making sure that you have the authorization to do so. Google Image is the easiest and fastest way to find free and copyright-free images.

You can use keywords to search for the image you need or perform an image search directly. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can try the free image banks. Using the “Usage rights” filter while searching for an image in Google Image can make this easier. But the images shown often show little information about the conditions of use. It is therefore preferable to contact the author to know the conditions of use of the image. “Free to use” means you can use the image as needed. On the other hand, “free of rights” does not mean that the image has no rights. In general, the image is subject to usage rights registered in a license.

Alternatives to Google Image

If you can’t find the copyright free image you need on Google Image, you can always try your luck with other sources like image banks. These are libraries where many passionate photographers and graphic designers post their works (Photographs, images, illustrations). These databases generally include several thousand visuals, which makes them interesting alternatives to Google images. Even though most of them ask to pay in exchange for the image, this is not always the case. Many free image banks offer images of very good visual quality. You can find photos using a search tool, display the image that catches your eye and even download images that you will use for your project.


This is the case with PikWizard (which is almost an image search engine), Wikimedia Commons and Libreshot. When looking for a free, royalty-free image for commercial use, Google Image is the most effective and secure tool. If you want to use them for your communication media, always check if they are copyright free! If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Google, you still have free image banks. And if you still cannot find it, you will have to go through the purchase of an image / photo on a paid image bank or through a professional photographer. If you are interested in natural referencing and its wonders, you have certainly already crossed the expressions ”  no follow  ” and ”  do follow  “. What do these attributes mean?

Why would you want to put a no follow link

For more than a decade, the question of the no follow link has divided SEO specialists. Here’s everything you need to know about it. Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s do a definition point: what is the no follow link? Natural referencing is divided into two main axes. On the one hand, there is everything that happens on the web page to be optimized (on-page) . On the other hand, everything concerning the work on the digital popularity of the page (off-page) . The major tool of the second axis is netlinking , a method which consists of placing inbound links on high ranking sites pointing to the pages to be optimized.

But to work, this technique needs to be based on valuable links, that is to say: Configured to bring to the linked pages a part of their notoriety (one speaks then of “link juice”) . The interest of a good link lies in the amount of “juice” that it can give to the page to which it points. An SEO will do linkbuilding by selecting the best ranked sites so that the insertion of backlinks has a noticeable effect on the popularity of the optimized page, and therefore on its positioning. The volume of “juice” is proportional to the number of links placed on the page. If the link is alone, it will receive 100% of it. If there are three of them, they will each collect a third of the total “juice” provided by the page (see diagram below) .

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