Thursday June 11, 2015 To start, a little definition of spelling “Spelling is a set of rules and practices defined as a standard for writing words in a given language. »Sources: Larousse We distinguish : Spelling okay, It is  French Guiana Email List  based on the rules of grammar including the agreement of: The adjective, the adjective with adverbial value, the adjective of color, the attribute, past participle with having, past participle with being, the past participle of pronominal verbs, of the past participle without auxiliary, from the past participle with an infinitive, of the verb with several coordinated subjects, of the verb with a single subject, forms in -ant The usual spelling (lexical), It does not obey precise rules and it defines the way of writing the words of the lexicon independently of their use in the sentence or the text. Sources:

Wikipedia More simply, it is the spelling of the word as you find it in the dictionary: nouns in the singular, adjectives in the masculine singular, verbs in the infinitive … We can also include the rules concerning the plural and feminine of nouns and adjectives. Spelling in the corporate world? When you send a written message, you convey the image of your business. If your message is full of mistakes, imagine the image returned by your company and the feelings of your interlocutor, what about your credibility? Why pay attention to his professional writing? Beyond the image, spelling errors represent a significant cost for companies. Example: A manager punctuating his writings with numerous mistakes can lose credibility with his client.

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In some cases, the consequence can be the loss of a contract. You cannot write without making spelling mistakes, you can get help, there are solutions. misspellings-and-SEOSpelling and the Net Have you heard of the Voltaire Certificate? This project brings together a team of experts combining spelling and pedagogical skills and led by Woonoz, a Lyon company in the education sector and continuing education. This company develops and publishes digital solutions, in order to transmit knowledge in record time. According to the Voltaire barometer study, the French only mastered 45% of the 84 reference spelling rules in 2015, against 51% again in 2010.


The Voltaire project proposes to provide a solution to the problems of spelling and grammar. It responds to certain issues, such as: In a professional capacity: Emails full of mistakes, The embarrassment you may feel in front of your team because your credibility may be called into question, The stress you can feel when writing to a client. An important figure: 82% of recruiters are sensitive to the spelling of successful candidates! And for school purposes: The loss of points because of the spelling, You love spelling and strive for excellence. Sources  project The impact of spelling on SEO It also has a significant impact on the SEO of a website. According to Philippe Duport in the program “C’est mon boulot” on France Info, in April 2014: “Spelling mistakes would cost companies millions of euros, and especially web companies.

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A failed agreement, a bad conjugation or a broken word and it is turnover which soars ”. According to the BBC, just one spelling mistake can cut sales in half!  Write without spelling errors and the quality of the web will be even better! The spell checker can be effective in helping you correct spelling and grammar mistakes in your texts. Good web writing allows you to optimize the referencing of your website , e-commerce site, blog … Google adds that it avoids: insert too many unnecessary keywords intended only for search engines, but annoying or meaningless to users; the use of blocks of text such as “common misspellings used to access this page” which are of no real use to Internet users;

The stuffing of web pages with keywords with and without typos to exploit typos by Internet users is outdated. “Create content first and foremost for your users and not for search engines. ” To save internet users time, Google has designed features such as: spelling suggestions, automatic completion, the display of terms associated with the search, and even queries correcting the most common spelling mistakes. surprise-spelling-mistake To conclude, You will understand, it is necessary to take care of it in your writings! Solutions, such as the Voltaire project, the spell checker, Google’s spelling suggestions, are here to help you! After the advisers are not necessarily the payers and besides,

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