On all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone). The graphic redesign of the header allows the size of the site’s content to be adjusted so as to adapt to all screens , which effectively adapt the website. The overhaul of the header makes it Australian Email Address possible to resolve the unpleasant little hassles that scare away your visitors when browsing your website: inconspicuous logo, blurry menu, inadequate color combination, poor image quality, etc. It is therefore an effective way to avoid these worries in order to boost your brand image in the eyes of your prospects. And even customers who are already loyal to the products offered, while helping to rejuvenate the website.

Comes in mainly so that the user quickly finds your site when they search on Google . Sometimes, to optimize SEO, a header redesign is necessary in order to restructure the navigation of your website to propel your notoriety on the web . By way of illustration, a poorly structured site or pages that take time to respond because they are overloaded, are detrimental to the good SEO of your site. In addition to rejuvenating your website, the header redesign allows your online store to offer more features such as. To revamp your website with a redesign of the header, we advise you to call on professionals in order to effectively strengthen the visibility of your site through a successful digital strategy.

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As explained before, the header represents the top part of your website. It is therefore an essential element when designing your site. As such, he must maintain this superior position. Frozen at the top of the window even when your visitor scrolls on their screen. This positioning is important so that the Internet user always has an overview of the essential information (navigation, phone number, contact page, etc.) that he needs at all times and regardless of the content on which he lands. The content of the header is fundamental when you want to rejuvenate your website. Among the key elements , we find. The list is not exhaustive.

And you have to be careful not to overload the header with too much information. It is strongly recommended to learn to synthesize information, to sort it according to its degree of importance. Favor the hamburger menu in  order to save space. While helping visitors to redirect to the windows of their choice at any time; Design a full version of the header that is displayed when you land on the page. And a shorter version including only the top features; According to the sections of the site, prepare headers adapted to each offer, making sure to use the same main navigation and develop in the secondary parts.

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The GSC, or Google Search Console . Completely free, it is part of the software suite offered by Google. Its main utility is to allow you to benefit from access to many useful statistics aimed at improving the SEO of your site. Indeed, by studying the plan of your web space, the search console gives you the possibility of controlling the structure of your site . In addition, it is also possible to control the duplication of its content or the weaknesses of mobile implementation from this platform. Finally, you can analyze the different keywords that define your site in the many Google search results. Thus, it will be easier to correct certain SEO parameters to give your website a correct direction.

Before you can use this service, you must register. It could not be easier ! Have your Google identifiers and the address of your site ready. Then, once connected to your account, it will be necessary to justify that the indicated site belongs to you. The whole procedure is clearly explained to you by Google. By submitting the sitemap of your web space, GSC will be able to verify your domain and start providing its services to you. But this verification is not done automatically. Indeed, you will have to allow a few days for this to be carried out by the service.

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