The clothing hauls Haul videos are a type of content that allows the creator to share their experience with other users trying new products. In essence, it is a tour led by the influencer, in which they are uncovered, take a first look and try new products: Clothes, games, snacks, accessories among others. How to create a haul campaign? Before you get started, you need to know the steps to a successful fashion haul campaign: #1 Pimp the packaging Unboxing videos are not just about the product itself, but about the whole unboxing experience.

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The beginning part will be about the packaging. Good packaging adds to the overall experience of trying on new clothes and helps reinforce your brand. When putting together the package. It is best Portugal Phone Number to put it inside a slightly larger branded box and pack it with other items. This adds more emotion to the video and you can put some merchandising items as gifts. This makes the unboxing experience more rounded and gives you more opportunities to position your brand.

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