The CCP has turned the huge Xinjiang (East Turkestan) into an isolated island behind the Iron Curtain, which is basically inaccessible to foreigners. What the few foreigners who are allowed to enter can otion Camps – Shooting in Urban and Rural Areas”, which was then posted on YouTube for the public to watch. The photographers could only photograph the outside of the concentration camps, and it was impossible to photograph the


The photographer pointed out,

Centers left in Mulei County.” The scale and efficiency are beyond the reach of even the Portugal Phone Number Nazis. Another example is a large concentration camp on the outskirts of Urumqi. The high fence covered with barbed wire only stretches for several kilometers, which is larger than any Nazi concentration camp I have visited in Europe. There are more than enough people. It is said that

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Forepeople in the land of slavery who does ,

Not want to be enslaved. That is why he “has the same heart and the same reason” about the suffering of the Uighurs. He risked being arrested in a concentration camp to expose the CCP’s tyranny on film. picture of the world. At the same time, the CCP’s long-term brainwashing propaganda and education have demonized Uyghurs

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