Invoices, contracts, payslips… With a mobile application, your business saves a lot of paper, time and space . If you are starting your business, storing all the Norway Email List documentation that is “mandatory to keep” is not a problem, but can you say the same in a few years? A business application allows you to keep all documents , manage payslips or send invoices to customers. To do this, only one tool is necessary: ​​your smartphone! You keep an eye on your shipments, such as letters and parcels. The recipient only has to deposit a digital signature upon receipt of the shipment so that you are immediately notified.

An example ? Everyone is happy to benefit from a discount voucher, but collecting it in their personal space from a computer is a real obstacle course. You have to go to the website, enter your password (in many cases, recover it first) , then print the voucher to finally be able to use it. The smartphone is more personal than the computer. A touch on the application icon is enough to find yourself in your customer area … and this from any location. There is also another advantage that cannot be forgotten: thanks to push notifications, the customer does not miss any of your news.

Why Create A Business Application?

By logging into their personal space, the customer sees the items available, purchases them and has them delivered to their home. Some brands do not allow purchases to be made from the application, but they use it as a showcase… Forget the paper catalogs ! Facilitate internal communication. A messaging app for employees? What for ? There is WhatsApp, Hangouts or Slack. Still, Yeeply has worked with many companies who prefer to build their own app of this type. It is a less restrictive form of communication than the telephone, and more accessible than email , especially during travel or events …


To help you in your decision making, Google promises to grant an “ SEO Bonus  ” to encourage publishers to switch to HTTPS. The first to take the plunge will enjoy it longer! That’s it ! Mobile technologies have taken over all areas of the business, from administration to customer service to production.  Maintain and improve your customer relationship. A mobile application offers convenience to customers . Dematerialize product catalogs. Supermarkets such as Carrefour and Auchan already have their product catalogs available on mobile. Unlike WhatsApp, Slack, or Hangouts, this is your company’s official app for employee use just like the mailbox.

Why Is Branding So Important To A Business?

So you don’t have to convince the “digital technology fists” to download and use it. Also, you are more confident in the security of exchanges through the internal channels of your company . Have a sales presentation anytime, anywhere. A sales presentation-type mobile application facilitates the work of salespeople. Instead of bringing the laptop or the printed presentation, they meet customers with a tablet or smartphone in hand ! Business application: important points to remember! A business app helps you improve the productivity of your teams, but that doesn’t mean your business absolutely needs one. Mobile development requires a significant investment in terms of both money and time, more than website creation.

The generalization of websites adapted to mobiles  with  responsive design. Highlighting large visuals, if possible with a human touch. The parallax scrolling (in English, parallax scrolling)  to modernity. Infinite  scrolling, Internet users prefer scrolling to clicking. A rise in video content, video remains a very popular content. The use of micro-interactions to improve UX ( user experience). The arrival of  material design , a strong trend in web design at the initiative of Google. Endangered trends. According to the great experts of Web design, a web trend should gradually disappear. The slideshow  ! Obviously, It would not lead the user to interact with the content in a satisfactory manner. It also has a negative impact on SEO  because of the large images used.

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