The good thing is that creating a Facebook page is simple. You can open your page in just two steps.Follow the steps below or go to the Facebook Help Center if you need additional help. How to create a Philippines Phone Number Facebook business page in 5 simple steps Add a profile page First, make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. Go to Create Page which you can find here. Don’t worry your Philippines Phone Number personal information on Facebook will remain private. Facebook pages need to be linked to a personal account in order to work. If someone else manages the Facebook Page, they can use their information to access the Page. They just need to add an employee or admin first. Fill out the profile on the first Facebook page.

Enter the Name of Your Company in the Philippines Phone Number

Then enter the most relevant job category. Fill out your Facebook page profile. Screenshot by author February 2022 You can select three different categories related to your business when entering this Philippines Phone Number information. Help Facebook by providing suggestions after entering the keywords that will link to your business. Add a short description to your Facebook page Screenshot by author, February 2022 Then enter a short description with 255 characters and click Create Page. If you need it you can stay here for now but move on to the next step to fully customize the Philippines Phone Number your business page. Select Image Add a cover image that people will see when searching for a business in your category and a Page image that people will see when they go to your page.

Then After Considering How to Display These Philippines Phone Number

Philippines Phone Number

Add a cover image. Screenshot by author, February 2022 4.Connect Accounts & Create Username You can now link your accounts to WhatsApp and Instagram. Connect your Facebook page to your social media account. Screenshot by author, February 2022 You can also add your username and your custom URL. This is what people can use to search for your Philippines Phone Number business on Facebook. Your nickname can be up to 50 characters, but it must be at least five characters long with no spaces or rules. Create a page name. Screenshot by author, February 2022 Then click Philippines Phone Number create your user. Add additional business information Now, move on to filling out your business profile. Here you will fill in your working hours, your location and a link to your website.

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