The solution ? Set up an editorial schedule for writing content. You will be able to organize your publications over a long term: subjects to be treated with publication Hong Kong Email List dates determined in advance, subjects already exploited (practical for organizing internal networking) , ideas for future articles, and of course, the identity of the editor in load of each content. Last fundamental point: a good article is a shared article . What is the point of spending time on content writing if it’s to wait for Internet users to find you by chance on search engines? Go find your readers: distribute your content to your prospects and customers via all the channels available to you (website, emailing, SMS) .

And don’t forget to adopt a communication strategy on social networks in order to share your content… and to encourage your audiences to share them in turn! Do you need images or photos to illustrate a web or print communication medium? Google Image is here for you! Since July 2001 and in part thanks to Jennifer Lopez’s dress, the Google search engine has offered the Google Image service . The google image search service allows Internet users to find images and photos on the web using a dedicated search engine. To search for an image, simply go to and type the keyword corresponding to your search in the search bar.

How do I find images on Google

You can then select the “Images” tab to obtain the result of your search in the form of a mosaic of images. To refine your image search , Google Images offers a series of filters. To access the search filters, you must click on  Tools . To find and use free images for commercial purposes,  choose the right filter! You can also find free images licensed under creative commons . Google Image provides Internet users with a powerful tool for performing image searches. The little camera! Tool that optimizes the search for an image on Google from an image. Google image has evolved to give birth to a new version deployed in 2013 in most countries. This new version was fully deployed in France on February 07, 2017.


The giant Google aimed to offer a more pleasant and modern interface to the user. What is the change? When you click on the intended image and referenced on Google Images, the website that hosts it is no longer loaded in the background. This development can have repercussions on the SEO of your website. The user must click once more on the image to access the desired website. However, the image search is more qualitative since this update. To find out more, we invite you to read the article:  Google Images has just evolved, what repercussions on SEO? Before this development, viewing an image referenced on Google Images generated “artificial” traffic.

On which device can I search for images

The Internet user clicked on an image that interested him without visiting the website hosting the selected image. One of the great advantages of Google Image that make it such a great image search engine is its ease of use and access. You can access it from your computer simply by going to Google in your browser. But if you’re not in front of your computer screen, you can still use your tablet or smartphone to access it. Open the Chrome browser on your Android or Ios smartphone or on your tablet. You can use the latest version of the Google app instead. Google Images may not give you the ability to search for an image on your smartphone

If the image is in your gallery, you will have to press “Upload” to import it and do aHow to know if an image found in Google is royalty-free. It is possible to find free and royalty-free images using keywords . But it may also be that you have a photo in your smartphone in which the image of an object interests you. In this case, you can search for the image on the internet using the Google Lens tool. If you don’t have this application installed directly on your smartphone, you can still access it through the Google Assistant or in your Google Photos application. Use it to start the image search . When the search is complete, scroll down to access related search results.

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