With the arrival of the coronavirus, the routines that we had established changed completely, even the way of interaction between buyers and sellers changed . However, faced with this situation, sales leaders had to adapt to this new normality of sales and Covid-19. While sales increased for the health and home sector, for other items they fell severely. Given this scenario, we ask ourselves: how have sales changed during Covid-19? To answer this question, we invited Gastón Edreira , Enterprise Corporate Sales at Salesforce, to episode 15 of our Growth Masters podcast . If you want to listen to the full episode, click here: How has the role of sales been affected in the crisis?

According to Edreira, business leaders have taken this new normality as an opportunity to support customers and companies . First, they must help them understand their situation and, second, explain how the services or products they offer can help them meet their needs in these times of coronavirus. Regarding the items that have increased Indonesia Phone Number the most, the specialist points out that the health sector is one of the most benefited from the measures dictated by the World Health Organization : use of face masks, antibacterial gel and other supplies for medical care and care. “The health sector has had higher sales because yes or yes they need to support the strong demand from customers and patients,” he adds.

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Online in quarantine On the other hand, a large part of the customers also had to adapt to purchases through electronic stores. For their part, sales representatives, not having one-on-one interaction with consumers, changed their digital processes for both B2B and B2C . When asked about the changes in consumers, Edreira indicates that they went from a traditional process, of buying on the spot , to looking for digital solutions . Similarly, vendors also looked for agile and fast processes to solve specific customer problems. Faced with this situation, as sellers we must be agile to offer a response to the client who needs us; make short processes that solve the need and thus have stability in the business. Sales strategy in times of Covid-19 Companies must enable technological channels for customer self-service.

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In this regard, Edreira points out that using a CRM is essential. HubSpot or Salesforce have a platform to search for customer interaction and experience; as well as making the different channels and service points available . Regarding what companies can do to generate outstanding digital experiences , Edreira recommends having a vision of the customer. Regardless of the point of contact through which they are interacted with. As sellers we must resolve their doubts through the different channels, since the user wants personalized attention. For sales operators, we have to interact digitally; we can no longer visit customers, so we must use digital tools to generate an interaction”.

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Advises updating the digital channels and optimizing the virtual store with good e-commerce practices . In this way, sales representatives will be able to direct users to products. Services that are to their needs in the current context. How to have a customer service culture in times of crisis? Edreira points out, first of all, that sales operators today must help more than offer a product or service . For this reason, he suggests spending the necessary time listening to customer problems and offering advice. Likewise, it recommends that sellers be willing to understand. The situation of each user and help them throughout their journey to get out of this challenging period . We cannot focus only on selling a product or service; we must focus on understanding, listening and seeing the needs of customers.

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