Tom Caudell and David Mizell propose the term augmented reality and define it as the superposition of computerized material on the real world. 1996 , 2D markers allow Saint Lucia Email List the visualization of virtual objects. 1997 , the first outdoor augmented reality application. 2007 , advertising monopolizes this constantly evolving technology. Infographic summarizing the milestones in the evolution of augmented reality. Augmented reality infographic produced by Manon Boschard and Lucas Zapata Augmented reality infographic produced by Manon Boschard and Lucas Zapata How does it work ?  Augmented reality requires devices incorporating technology that allows the superimposition of virtual elements on real elements. These devices are for example: Computers, smartphones and tablets,

The glasses connected , Cameras and motion sensors … google-glass These devices create interactivity between the user and the virtual world. Software or online services also make it possible to set up augmented reality projects. “Augmented reality results in an extension of our environment. Augmented reality technology starts with a marker. A marker can be seen as the successor to the QR code . Image or logo can act as a marker, in which digital information is stored. With an augmented reality application, such as Sensar, the logo is scanned with the camera of a smartphone or tablet, which makes it possible to retrieve digital information such as a link, a video or 2D images. or 3D ”.

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Education Digital textbooks via simple applications such as mirage ticedu fr are used by students on tablets and smartphones. 2 / Heritage It is possible to visualize disappeared monuments in 3D thanks to a downloadable application. For example, a mobile application makes it possible to discover Cluny and its abbey church rendered in 3D. 3 / Science and industry It is also becoming a real learning tool in the scientific and medical field. In industry and maintenance, it has become a real tool for daily work. 4 / Publishing / written press Books have 2D bar codes allowing access to additional content (The first “hyperactive” book is edited by Orange,


Robert Laffont and Jacques Attali). 5 / Music, tourism, cooking For music, augmented reality is used for built-in bonuses on albums. Tourism and cuisine, on the other hand, use it as a guide for consumers. 6 / Advertising The insertion of advertising inserts in video sequences shot in companies, stores, etc. 7 / Leisure The viewer is immersed in the heart of a partially real world, for example. Some games like Pokémon Go  also use augmented reality. 8 / Trade Augmented reality is becoming an essential sales tool. It makes the brand more attractive and upscale. In the field of wine, for example, the consumer scans the label of a bottle and sees the winemaker virtually come out of it to present his estate and his wine to him. augmented reality .

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Augmented reality and e-commerce Augmented reality is an aid element in decision-making, in the deed of purchase for the ‘ e-commerce . The furniture industry uses augmented reality so that customers can visualize furniture in their own interior through a mobile application. You just have to send a photo of its interior and you can place the furniture there directly on the website. The furniture is modeled in 3D and represented in its real proportions. The first augmented reality catalogs were created for Ikea in 2012. Brands such as But and La Redoute have a “fitting room” on their e-commerce site for the furniture and decorative items in their catalog.

In the field of optics, the purchase of glasses is facilitated by virtual fitting technologies. Consumer behavior in the face of augmented reality Augmented reality technology offers consumers a new consumer experience: They try before they buy. The general feeling of consumers: a real practical tool, increased objectivity, a benefit in terms of interactivity, informative, a good experience. The use of augmented reality on an e-commerce site influences the senses and stimulates the consumer. It values ​​and improves: the brand image , the user experience , customer satisfaction, the sales. Augmented reality can also be a good way to strengthen the links between the consumer and the brand.

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