Internet users who were looking for specific information end up with answers that have nothing to FIJI EMAIL LIST do with their initial request. In addition to being prohibited by Google, keyword stuffing appears to be of little relevance insofar as the page is poorly targeted and undergoes a high bounce rate. The happy spinning (French content of rotation) is to reformulate existing content using variations of the words in the original text, without any added value. For example, “The blue house was on the beach road” changes to “The azure building was on the seaside path”. Google does not strictly speaking prohibit reformulation when it is used wisely.

This is the case when reworking a page whose content is weak and was not originally optimized correctly. In this hypothesis, there is an added value. On the other hand, there is a rotation of content when we copy and reformulate without personal input a lot of content from other sites to integrate them into ours. The backlinks are used for off-site optimization. They come to reinforce the notoriety of a site. To boost their SEO, some do not hesitate to buy a lot of these links (up to a hundred). The popularity of your site is no longer natural.

Return links should be used sparingly

Better to prefer the quality of the links to their quantity. A good backlink is a “dofollow” link placed on a site in your field of activity with a good reputation. The spam is to post your link en masse and without consistency in the forums, or the comments section of the blog to enhance your netlinking . Like link buying, this Blackhat method artificially increases your notoriety. The duplicate content or ” duplicate content ” is to copy / plagiarize existing content on the web, without citation or added value. It could be another page on your website (by accident) or a competitor’s page. This duplicated text can also be the result of a patchwork of several contents found on different sites.


you can use tools like Plagium, which detects plagiarized content on the web. Blackhat techniques work very well. Your site will indeed very quickly reach the first results on Google. However, they are not durable. Indexing robots now quickly identify these fraudulent and unfair methods. The risk is therefore to suffer heavy penalties. These can range from demoting your site to having it disappeared from the SERP altogether . Your site then becomes useless and all the investments made will have been in vain. In conclusion, White Hat SEO methods certainly take longer to yield results. But they will be more effective in the long term and above all much more durable. Your return on investment will then be greater.

To avoid duplicating content by mistake

With this health crisis , consumers prefer contactless purchasing solutions or almost. 20% of French people consumed more in “drive” , 9% had more baskets of fruit and vegetables delivered, according to the E.Leclerc Observatory of new consumption (in collaboration with Ipsos). These new uses should continue: among those who use these services today, 87% think they will continue to have fruit and vegetable baskets delivered and 76% to use the drive. The food distribution sector is not the only one affected by these new habits. During and after containment, other businesses began to implement the same systems. Florists, for example, now offer drives (with standardized bouquets). The small booksellers began to deliver their customers themselves.

The lockdown has also been synonymous with an increase in the use of digital entertainment services , such as video streaming and online video games. Likewise, online purchases have exploded: the proof with the giant Amazon which conquered 2.4 million new homes in France during the confinement. Finally, with the closing of borders, consumers have turned to more local consumption , particularly in terms of food. Although forced at the outset, these new habits, which seem to persist, will perhaps push buyers towards the trigger for local, more responsible and more social consumption . While the virus is still in circulation, these new practices are likely to last at least a few more months.

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