In the following article, we share with you some common logo design mistakes that many beginning designers (and probably pro designers) make in their logo design projects and how you can avoid them to ensure a successful career. 1.- Choosing the wrong font Typography is an obvious and telltale sign of a good logo or brand designer. Bad typography can be misleading, appear basic, or difficult to read. For these reasons, every designer should have a common sense about what good fonts look like and how they appear to the user. How to avoid mistakes: Use professional fonts and avoid free ones, which are usually not of good quality. Maybe your current portfolio of fonts is limited or you use it too much.

Stick with one or two similar fonts for a logo design project . Flooding a single project with too many types of fonts can make the final piece look tacky or overdone. Make sure your font is legible. That means you want to make sure you’re maximizing spacing without compromising message clarity. Your font should represent the vibe you want Taiwan Phone Number design to convey. 2.- Save your files the right way Do you want your work to be printed correctly? One of the most important steps in the logo design process is how you should save your files before sending it to your client. How to avoid mistakes: Talk to your client about formatting everything from scratch.

Printed Logo Design

Is usually formatted with CMYK, as opposed to web page design which typically uses RGB. If you know what your client is looking for, you will save a lot of time in the long run and avoid misunderstandings. Create separate files for fonts, images, graphics, etc., to ensure that you have each element on hand when the client asks for it. Consider the bleed and cut margin so you don’t have extra work before the design is printed. 3.- Do not edit or have a control list Another common logo design mistake a designer can make is submitting the final version of a logo design without editing or going through the specs.

Taiwan Phone Number

The designs are usually sent with grammatical or spelling errors, with poor formatting or without respecting the client’s requirements. How to avoid mistakes: Have a checklist on hand before finalizing the project. This may include checking for spelling errors and a final tally of customer requirements. Consider collaborating with a professional editor. An extra set of eyes can help you avoid any mistakes before sending your work to your client. 4.- Too many elements and too much color A clean and attractive design includes a delicate color balance and special features. If the logo design feels cluttered and overwhelming to the eye, then the design itself lacks balance.

Keep Your Special Features

To a minimum and use colors wisely. How to avoid mistakes: Choose two or three colors maximum and be sure to include a neutral color for balance. Contrast colors, but keep in mind that they should represent the feeling you want to evoke. If you have decided to implement an animation as a special function, stick with one forget about other tricks. You don’t need to overstimulate users with too many elements. Put these tips into practice as a guide to avoid any mishaps in your logo design projects . With a few tricks you can make sure you create a design that satisfies your client. On the other hand, we also recommend you to be with. The latest design tools (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc).

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