Or service being promoted. The positioning and notoriety of the company can be measured through Namibia Email List the appearance of digital tools to measure the advertising impact, in particular the return on investment. In 1992, the Sapin law played an important role in the world of communication by putting an end to a harmful method used by certain advertisers. They actually used to make too large margins without the knowledge of customers on the purchases of advertising space that they made. Advertising evolves with the times and with new technologies. The role of the advertising agency is to support its clients in their communication. She orchestrates advertising on behalf of advertisers according to their needs and budgets.

A CDN or Content Delivery Network improves the loading time and SEO of a website. What is a CDN, how do you install it, and why does it improve the performance of your website? Without knowing it, we use CDNs on a daily basis (not to be confused with Crédit du Nord ). For example, the article you read is delivered by a CDN, so is also the case when you watch a video on YouTube. A CDN or  Content Delivery Network  is an “intelligent” global network dedicated to the distribution of web content . It is an infrastructure made up of several networked servers located in different countries. These servers store content replicated from an origin server.

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To minimize the distance between each visitor and the server that hosts a website, each server in the WEB CDN infrastructure stores a cached version of the website content in multiple geographic locations. The main objective of a WEB CDN infrastructure is to deliver web pages with optimal loading time for the visitor. The operating principle of a CDN server therefore consists in making the content of a website available in several geographical locations at the same time (points of presence or PoP) . Each PoP is made up of multiple caching servers responsible for serving content to nearby visitors. A CDN infrastructure allows you to offer efficient global coverage to your visitors . For example, when the Internet user located in Montreal accesses your website hosted in Paris, a POP located in Canada delivers your web page.


The POP located near the visitor allows the web page to be delivered much faster than if it came from the original server located in France. As a publisher, if you want to improve the loading time and SEO of your website, setting up a CDN is an efficient and fast way to boost its performance. The implementation of a CDN infrastructure therefore makes it possible to optimize the loading time of your website. It also improves SEO and security. To provide a better experience for our visitors and optimize the SEO of our website, we have installed a CDN. You will find below our first feedback. After considering creating our own CDN, we finally chose the one proposed by OVH for its presence on 3 continents and its 19 POPs.

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If you want to do a simple blog test, Cloudflare has a free plan. CDN ANTHEDESIGN LOADING TIMEOptimization of the loading time – Reduction of the loading time of approximately 1 second thanks to the installation of a cache manager (WP ROCKET) of an OVH CDN.  Setting up the CDN is a step that should not be neglected in order to get the maximum benefit from it. To take our example with the OVH CDN, the settings are made via the OVH manager. It consists of defining which resources the CDN should cache and for how long. For example, it is possible to put a high caching timeout for resources that are not supposed to be updated frequently such as scripts, images, and stylesheets.

Another advantage of the CDN delivered by OVH, there is no change of URL to make unlike the CloudFlare CDN . Our website is already hosted on OVH servers, the CDN is inserted before sending the request to the origin server. It allows you to send everything to the visitor: style sheets, scripts and images, all without any modification to the URLS. It should also be noted that the principle of simultaneous download is another undeniable advantage of the CDN. Indeed, it is possible to download elements simultaneously on different servers , which is less obvious if all your resources are in the same place. You risk being limited by the bandwidth of your server.

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