The choice of one over another is most often based on our tastes and our sense of aesthetics. emotions-colors It is almost impossible to separate the subjectivity of the symbolism of the colors, they influence our emotions, our moods and our feelings, according to our cultural environment. Before choosing the colors for your website, it is essential to St. Pierre and Miquelon Email List your target well so as not to make a mistake in the choice of colors. For example, in the Western world, white is often associated with purity, innocence, marriage, life…, on the contrary, in the majority of Asian or African countries, white is associated with death and mourning. The choice of colors also contributes an important part to the quality of the user experience and to the ergonomics .


Colors and their symbolism yellow color The color yellow It is often associated with happiness, optimism, youth, yellow is a bright color that can give energy to your website. However use it in moderation as it can also symbolize cowardice and poor quality. Orange color The color orange Vibrant and full of energy, it is often synonymous with communication, happiness, joy, ambition, warmth, enthusiasm. On your website, it can draw attention to key buttons or links.

The Emotions And Actions Of The People Targeted

This color is suitable for highlighting promotions for example on your e-commerce site. It is often used in the sectors of technology, the automotive industry, events, food. It can also warn of a dangerous situation. Be careful, to use it in moderation, it can “overwrite” the other contents of your pages of your website! Red colorThe Red color Associated with desire, love, energy and movement, it is also associated with violence, fire, danger, anger. You can use red in dabs to grab attention, but don’t overdo it! pink colorThe pink color Pink is also associated with love, romanticism, it is synonymous with gentleness and it does not have a negative connotation linked to violence.

This color is often used for websites targeting the female population. Be careful not to abuse it on your website, it could be silly. blue colorBlue Blue is associated with quality, reliability, masculine gender, trust, security, it is often used in banking, medicine, high technology, science, legal professions. Bright blue is energizing and refreshing. When it comes to your website, using too much blue can make it cold and distant. green colorGreen Harmonious, it balances the content of your page. It is also associated with health, but also growth, calm, nature, fertility, solidarity, energy.

The Colors Used On Your Website Influence

The eye easily perceives green. This color brings a feeling of calm and zenitude to the page of your site. This color does not lend itself to certain sectors such as technology, luxury. purplePurple Associated with royalty, it is used for creativity, authority, wealth, power, imagination, mystery, wisdom. Dark purple can create a luxurious feeling on your site, while light purple is reminiscent of spring, romance. You can use this color on your site to enhance cosmetics, astrology, yoga, spirituality. Be careful, this color doesn’t really catch the eye and dark purple can make your site distant. runawayRunaway

Said hot, it recalls nature, the earth, reliability, stability, friendship. Brown can be used to stimulate the appetite, it is reminiscent of chocolate, coffee. It is a color chosen also in the animal sectors, real estate. Do not use this color for important elements of your page because it does not attract attention. WhiteWhite Associated with purity, virtue, cleanliness, happiness, sincerity. It is used in the medical field, industry, luxury goods, high technology, science.

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