Paid search (SEA – Search Engine Advertising) . google adwords 19022021 Not everyone can Sudan Email List advertise online with AdWords. Only those who have a website or at least a landing page can embark on a campaign. A Google AdWords sponsored link always directs the user to a web page. Another condition is essential before creating a campaign: plan your budget! Define your Google AdWords campaign strategy Before putting your Google AdWords campaign online, define your goals, targeting and budget . It is also important to choose the right period and to define in advance the duration of your campaign. Your goals will determine your campaign strategy .

Goals The objectives of a sponsored link campaign are directly linked to your advertising objective, namely: Your notoriety: publicize your site, your brand or your product (cost per impression), the search for qualified traffic: target only qualified visitors, Internet user’s action on your site: have a questionnaire filled out, the purchase of a product or a service: bringing the visitor up to conversion. For each campaign objective, choose the most suitable type of campaign, AdWords offers several types of campaigns: Search network with selective display research network only  Display network only shopping video Keyword targeting Keywords designate the word or words (expression of several words) entered by an Internet user to perform a search.

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Keywords are used to match your ads with the queries people type. You have to define good targeting for each keyword. This correspondence targeting is an important element in capturing only the desired traffic and reducing your costs. AdWords has it all covered, you can change the matching options for your keywords (matchtype). The correspondence is characterized by the degree of “resemblance” that exists between the query typed by the Internet user and the keyword purchased. It is possible to target a keyword in several different ways: Keyword exact or exact match:  your ad will only appear when this keyword and its close variants are typed, ex: sheets and sheets, Exact phrase or match phrase:  your ad will appear when this phrase and its close variants are typed, ex.


blank sheets and white sheet with terms before and / or after, Large Modified:  your ad will appear for all searches carried out with your keyword except for its synonyms, ex: blank sheets and all white sheets, Large or broad match:  your ad will appear for all searches carried out with your keyword, its variants and its synonyms. Targeting should be tailored according to the keyword purchased and the objective of the campaign. It is often interesting to start a campaign with Large targeting keywords. This makes it possible to define the traffic potential of the campaign and not to miss interesting traffic. After a few days of the campaign, adjustments and some keyword exclusions will be necessary.

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The budget Always before putting your campaign online, you must determine the budget, it must be adapted and in line with your objectives. As an advertiser, you only pay when the user clicks on your sponsored link to be redirected to your web. The budget for your campaign will depend on the  average CPC (cost per click) of your keywords and the desired traffic on your website. It is therefore necessary to know the estimate of the overall average CPC and the daily investment to be expected to achieve your objectives in terms of traffic acquisition. The Google AdWords program includes a traffic forecasting tool that provides an estimate of the average CPC and monthly search volume for each keyword.

Tips to optimize your Adwords campaign AdWords campaign optimization is a tedious process, there are many factors to consider, and it is difficult to predict the results of an optimization with accuracy. There is no miracle method and everyone must adapt their optimization phases according to their campaign, their product, their sector of activity, etc. Despite everything, there are optimization techniques applicable to all AdWords campaigns. Structure your account Your Google AdWords account can contain multiple campaigns and each campaign can contain multiple ad groups (adgroups) . Each adgroup groups together several keywords and several ads.

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