Indeed, certain referencing actions such as content writing can be carried out independently after training. Another example, some SEO software can help you Iraq Email List detect duplicate tags. In the long term, you will get a better return on investment with internal SEO management by involving your teams. With in-house management, you can consult your SEO agency only for advice, and possibly for the management of your SEO strategy. You can also choose a posteriori support, this will allow you to have the external point of view of an SEO expert. This intervention can allow you to have an external opinion on the quality of your web pages and to correct certain aspects of your SEO strategy.

The role of an SEO agency is also to understand all your SEO issues . She is able to put herself in the shoes of Internet users and Google to improve your SEO traffic . Each situation is unique and deserves a personalized approach with tailored SEO advice . If you have strong ambitions in terms of positioning, do not hesitate to contact us. Referencing a website increases its visibility on the Internet and its business by extension. How to reference your website? Referencing your website is at least as important as the design itself. SEO is: making sure to position your website in the first results of Google, and especially in front of your competitors.

What is SEO for a website?

Also called SEO  for Search Engine Optimization : it allows, thanks to the choice of your keywords associated with text content and quality visuals, to capture targeted visitor traffic. A good referencing of your site is essential to make it visible on Google. Effective SEO techniques are based on optimizing textual content that is written and optimized to highlight the keywords you have targeted. Google disseminates the best practices to be observed in order to optimize your site and avoid sanctions that could go as far as disappearing from its search engine. The algorithms of the search engine evolve regularly, it is therefore essential to stay informed of its evolutions.


To obtain a good SEO on Google , you must respect at least the following ten fundamentals: Know the basics and context of natural referencing, Choose the right keywords using tools like Yooda Insight for example, Create and publish unique and quality content , Optimize and monitor the indexing of your web pages on Google Search Console , Promote key words and phrases using the right  tags , Use social networks to distribute your content, Take advantage of SEO opportunities such as zero position when they arise, Improve your  netlinking  thanks to quality backlinks , Opt for paid referencing with AdWords campaigns if necessary.

How to get on the first page of Google?

Once these ten commandments are respected, you will have to follow the evolution of your positions on Google with regular positioning audits . Also known as geographic referencing, local referencing allows you to promote your products and services locally. The local SEO is a relatively easy tremendous growth driver to operate. Referred to as the SEA  for Search Engine Advertising, the listing fee can position your website in the top results of Google in the next 24 hours. It is a  fast and very effective technique to reference your website . The main advantage of an AdWords campaign is to be able to be first on Google for your keywords, and those as soon as your website goes live. Google AdWords can also help you build brand awareness quickly.

The SMO or Social Media Optimization  consists in using social media to reference one’s website, which is also rather well received by Google. Social recommendations and shares on social networks play a significant role in the ranking and classification of results according to Google (do not hesitate to invest in Google Plus ) . In the case of social referencing, there is no direct causality between your activity on social networks and the positioning of your site. In other words: having social signals does not necessarily mean being well referenced on Google, it is rather a factor that facilitates access to the first results. The SMO can only be complementary to SEO.

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