However, this can be taken to the next level by adding a feature to your website.

Live chat can be efficient in many ways.

Improving the conversion
Get in touch with the customer instantly
Real-time feedback
human touch
Sell ​​more
You can leave a message offline if you are not available
We all love to chat, so providing chat options to your audience will increase sales, trust, and conversion.

You may also be interested in automating this by adding Chatbot .

WP-Live Chat
WP-Chat Live is one of the most popular and widely used advertising free chat plugins for WordPress.

It is completely free for up to 2 users. With over 30,000 active downloads, WP Live Chat Support is


packed with some beneficial and easy-to-use features

China Phone Number


Interesting aspects

Unlimited simultaneous live chats
user-friendly interface
Save messages offline
Integration with Google Analytics
You can also prohibit users from talking to you based on IP address.
Notifies you when someone visits your website.
A perfectly designed chat widget that works on desktop and mobile browser. The great thing about JivoChat is that it supports over 20 languages, which means you can set it to translate the chat into your local language.

A powerful chat agent app where you can see detailed information about the visitor and their behavior. is a 100% free WordPress plugin that allows you to scale your business with the live chat support it provides.



More than 250000 Companies have opted


for due to China Phone Number its clean, smooth interface and powerful abilities.

Free iOS and android apps to help you with your procedures to do better. It also offers a video feature through a plugin.

Interesting aspects

Free. A premium account is not required to access all of its features.
Unlimited Agents
Unlimited file transfer
Customizable widgets
You can ban visitors
Emoji support live chat is trusted by over 60,000 4.8 active installed users with XNUMX ratings. And not just WordPress, but you can integrate with Joomla, Magento, Shopify , Wix, Opencart, etc.

Interesting aspects

easy installation
Customizable color schemes
You can track who visits your website and start chat with any of them.
Apps for iOS, Android, Windows, OS X
Your visitors can also email you when you are offline
Unlimited messages can be sent to your customers on Messenger
You can only chat with three users at the same time in the free version
You can integrate chat with some third party applications from help desk, CRM , email marketing and CMS.


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