all be designed for its users is widely accepted. In fact, this idea is still struggling to take hold in the development of many website projects, the persona method is there to help you fill this gap. Creating a website requires careful analysis of the target audience to be successful. The success of Micronesia Email List project does not depend only on a good idea, it must be based on solid prerequisites and studying the target audience is one of them. To ensure the success of a website it is important to go through this targeting step, site design and web copywriting depend on it,


it can cause failure or cause success. Why clearly define your target? Internet users have increasingly precise and therefore intolerant expectations. They should not be disappointed because competition has increased in recent years. And this trend is not likely to reverse. Anytime you fail to meet your visitors’ expectations, your competition will benefit. The vast majority of your visitors expect clear, easy-to-use sites with rich, factual information. There is therefore no point in paraphrasing the competition or using excessive pompous or promotional terms.

A Website Must First And Foremost Be Created

Speak simply and above all respond to the most frequent expectations and needs. Well-known examples such as are there to remind us of the sentence of a great specialist in cybermarketing, Nick Usborne. “Don’t write about the things you sell. Write about the people you sell them to. ” methods of personas 12022021 1 Procedure prior to the persona method The persona method allows you to define one or more targets , you still have to define precisely your project,

products or services and identify some opinions and advice from those around you before implementing the persona method. The reflection phase on your project Why are you leading this project? What are your reasons for creating a website? What majority of Internet users would you like to welcome? The answers to these first questions already provide leads to follow! Even if it seems obvious and even if almost all the project leaders seem to have thought about it, a good number of them encounter failures despite having interesting sites.

For Its Users And Not For Oneself, This Is The Challenge

Like any obvious step, it’s its importance and impact that matters. The study of your products and services Who are your products and services for? How should they be offered for sale online? Many e-commerce sites present their products and services without having previously studied the behavior of visitors. Even though there are many similarities between a physical store and an e-commerce, part of the customer base can be different, the common point being customer satisfaction. Solicit your entourage The external vision of those around you and their possible knowledge of the sector of activity can be assets, provided that frankness is required.

Stay tuned to the thoughts and suggestions of your loved ones, this will be particularly useful for writing quality content. The creation of your typical persona profiles The groups of Internet users formed by the persona method make it possible to obtain trends in the use of websites. The typical profile of each visitor can be useful for adding additional and appropriate functions. If, for example, you are carrying out a project for a senior audience that is not very suited to the Web, simplicity will be essential and online help tools will not be superfluous in order to avoid their disappointment.

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