Customer loyalty, improving visibility, reinforcing the brand image, etc. The selection of these goodies is conditional on this final objective. But also the positioning Ecuador Email Address of the company and its customers. Promotional gifts are part of a more global marketing strategy. They fulfill specific objectives. Improve the visibility of the company and make yourself known . The promotional giveaway can be distributed to new customers. And during events where the distribution will be made to a large number of people; Strengthen its brand image : depending on the nature of the object, it is possible to affirm and transmit the values ​​of the company ;

Maintain commercial relations with its suppliers and service providers or B2B customers: business gifts allow you to thank your external collaborators for their work and their involvement. Promotional items are most often personalized items with the company’s colors, name, slogan and logo. This customization must be adapted to the objective. For example, if you want to give a watch to a supplier, it is better to have a discreet logo engraved on the back. On the other hand, if the objective is to increase your visibility during an event, you can clearly display your logo in the bottom of the frame.

Promotional gifts fulfill different

Real communication media , advertising gifts must be selected according to your objectives and your positioning to be effective. A promotion object must meet the objectives set. All gifts are not equal and some have a specific purpose: To retain your customers , it will be necessary to adapt the value of the object to the “value of the customer”. For example an important customer must receive a prestigious gift such as a watch or a pen set. You can also scale the market value of promotional items according to a loyalty program. The more the customer buys, the more the promotional gifts increase in value. To improve your visibility , choose objects that are portable and that allow your logo to stand out. For example: a tote bag, a backpack, personalized textiles (t-shirt, sweater, etc.), an umbrella, etc.


Depending on your clientele, select small items that are useful in everyday life and that correspond to the client’s needs . For example, a mug, a personalized cap, a water bottle, a set of candles, a key ring, a ballpoint pen, for a consumer. For a professional client, we prefer advertising products more focused on the office activity, such as an organizer, a notebook, a binder, a bookmark, etc. To maintain commercial relations , we will prefer either consumable products (eg chocolates, candies, wines, etc.) or products that correspond to the needs of your service provider or client. For example, you regularly call on the same craftsmen in the construction industry, you can offer them work clothes, sunglasses or water bottles for the hot summer days on the construction sites.

To strengthen your brand image

You can also offer promotional gifts to your internal employees : as a welcome gift or to reward them regularly for their efforts. In this case, we will favor office accessories or high-tech gadgets (backup battery, USB keys, etc.).  Your positioning. If you have a CSR ( Social and Environmental Responsibility ) approach, to remain consistent, it is better to choose ecological advertising items . It is therefore necessary to favor articles which are biodegradable or recyclable, or even reusable, and especially made in France . If your products or services are high-end products or services , you surely have a wealthy clientele with certain expectations.

Your promotional items must therefore correspond to these. We will therefore select more prestigious objects such as a watch, wine accessories, jewelry, a fountain pen, a vegetable leather notebook or a polo shirt. If you are in the mid-range or low prices, instead bet on practical and striking items at reduced costs. Like a small biodegradable plastic bottle, a personalized mug or a travel pouch. Finally, do not distribute your advertising goodies at random! Choose the moment when you offer it, because it has a psychological impact on the consumer. On the one hand, avoid making a high-value promotional gift just before a transaction . It can be seen as a bribe or as a way to influence the decision. The situation could be badly perceived by your client.

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