How to View Whatsapp Number

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform used by millions worldwide. While the app prioritizes user privacy, there may be instances where you need to view a contact’s phone number for legitimate purposes. In this article, we will guide you through the process of viewing WhatsApp phone numbers in a few simple steps.

Install WhatsApp

To view someone’s WhatsApp number, you must first have the WhatsApp app installed on your device. Download it from the respective Lebanon WhatsApp number data app store and complete the initial setup by verifying your phone number.To view a WhatsApp number, you need to add the person to your contacts. If you already have their contact details saved on your device, ensure that the phone number matches the one they used to register on WhatsApp. If not, ask them for their WhatsApp-registered phone number to proceed.

Enable Privacy Settings

Whatsapp Number List

Open WhatsApp and navigate to the “Settings” menu. Choose “Account,” then select “Privacy.” Here, you can manage who can see your own number and who can view your profile picture and status updates. Make sure that your privacy settings allow others to see your number for them to view yours in return.

Initiate a Chat

Now that you have the contact added and privacy settings configured. Initiate a chat with the person whose number you wish to view. Send them a message or any content to initiate the conversation. Once the chat is active, tap on the BEB Directory contact’s name or profile picture at the top of the conversation window. This will take you to their WhatsApp profile. If the contact has allowed others to see their number, you should be able to view it under their profile information.


Viewing WhatsApp numbers is a straightforward process that respects user privacy. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that you view WhatsApp numbers only with the consent of the respective contacts. Always remember to use this information responsibly and for legitimate purposes.

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