And you are still working in an advertising agency, there will be any discrimination, because discrimination exists. Not just look at age, but look at the “corporate culture” of the company. Method 2: Age is not necessarily a limitation, it should be distinguished by the “nature of work” As far as the Canadian legal profession and medical profession are concerned, the older the person, the more qualified and valued they are. This situation will not cause any bottleneck in the industry due to the increase of age. However, in the video game industry and technology industry, older people are less popular, and younger engineers in the technology industry seem to be more

likely to enter the technology industry

In fact, there are many middle-aged people in Silicon Valley who are also quite successful. In particular , Business Insider ‘s call for a tech company to hire “elderly people” underscored a disturbing trend in Silicon Valley, despite the troubling Norway Phone Number trend in the headline.. “Unlike Silicon Valley, we don’t discriminate on the basis of age,” reads a job listing for a senior software developer at Chicago-based startup Relevant DB, the report said. “Experience matters. Therefore, the bottleneck in the middle-aged workplace must first stop readily accepting salary increases. However, with the change of “industry type

We hire older people. (And younger people.)” It can be

Norway Phone Number

seen from this that age may not be the bottleneck of the industry. As long as we know how to continue to advance in the industry. Even in the technology industry. There are still high-tech companies that are middle-aged. Method 3: Be willing to accept that salary stops increase In fact, young people are more willing to accept lower wages than middle-aged people. Of course, in such a situation, the hourly wage must absolutely comply with the minimum provisions of the Labor Standards Law of each country. However, many middle-aged people still have certain requirements for salaries because they are old and young. However, if such expectations conflict with the company’s willingness to pay wages, layoffs sometimes occur at this time.

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