Conversely, 61% give priority to their SEO growth and 53% to creating content for their business blog . What you have to understand is that content Lithuania Email List creation for the web and SEO are still popular with web marketers. And for good reason: the related methodologies (in particular inbound marketing) remain the most effective for attracting the attention of Internet users and converting prospects into customers. In short, publishing content on a website / blog and optimizing it for search engines is still the most effective lever for acquiring qualified traffic, converting leads and gaining market share – the engines commonly representing more than half of the total traffic acquisition of a website.

Everything time and energy saved, you will spend them taking care of what you know how to do best: your job. Do not neglect the effects of e-reputation on your business! 88% of Internet users consult the opinions of consumers before making an online purchase, and 85% of individuals admit hesitating in the event of negative opinions. For 39% of them, this can even prove to be prohibitive… (Figures taken from an Ifop study .). However, your reputation is built on your content as well as on your products and services. Quality content, well written, relevant, useful for your prospects and customers, will promote a good brand image .

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Readers will appreciate the value of your professional expertise and will tend to trust you the more you can demonstrate your know-how. Conversely, rough texts, full of mistakes and incomprehensible turns of phrase, designed only to thread the keywords like pearls – this could have a negative impact on your digital reputation, and therefore lose you. in notoriety. Having a professional website and blog is not enough to build an effective long-term strategy. For this strategy to come to life, you will need to feed your digital media with quality content, at regular intervals, to ensure a certain level of activity so that your readers do not let you go.


Indeed, if they are used to discovering new content on your blog every week, a break of a month or two – because you have less time to take care of it, for example – can waste your time. essential of your loyal visitors. Also, you’ll be less likely to get inbound links because the sites that publish them also need something new to build on. In short, in the absence of a certain regularity in the publication and distribution of your content, your marketing actions will not be successful. This is where the intervention of a writer will be doubly useful to you: to provide you with continuous articles; and to provide you with valuable advice on digital strategy (see next point).

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Here’s a well-established misconception: web writing is all about writing content, and that’s it. You need a one-off article on a Y topic and you find a professional to write 600 words with introduction, paragraphs, headings and conclusion, and basta. Once he delivers the order to you, you say goodbye to each other on good terms, maybe see you next time. However, a web editor is not just a mercenary of the pen. At the very least, it can become a valuable partner in your digital strategy. Because, in addition to knowing how to write, he also knows very well the subtleties of natural referencing , the levers of web marketing, the themes and the subjects in vogue,

writing codes according to the different needs (for a blog, for static pages , for a newsletter, etc.), What works or not with readers, the management of social networks … In short, these are several aspects of your communication that the web editor can help you optimize, by accompanying you over the long term. term. A content strategy is a long-term investment. To deliver results, it needs time, regular work and constantly renewed expertise. Beyond the content itself, calling on a professional web editor is therefore also benefiting from a partner of choice to build the digital strategy that suits you – and which will earn you market share!

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