Articles are injected daily for the first few months to put the site in a dynamic aimed at attracting Google robots. The content benefits from strong and relevant Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List keywords for in-depth SEO work. By developing certain expressions present in the main articles, the SEO expert creates a semantic universe. The numerous articles are then linked together to create a coherent whole intended to prove the mastery of the subject treated by the site. Then comes a netlinking campaign  to take advantage of quality backlinks. The backlinks will give your site additional visibility by relying on the popularity of partner sites.

The establishment of referenced articles intended to inform readers about the product and to implement its site in a positioning strategy in the SERPs. The SEO expert will be an essential element in your web implementation strategy . By leaving the management of your site to a professional, you save time and benefit from efficient services in the long term. The SEO expert installs a real marketing strategy for a greater number of visits. As a result, you increase the number of potential customers. To function and offer qualitative content, Google uses a complex algorithm that is constantly evolving. This tool uses more than 200 criteria to highlight one site over another.

Why entrust your site to him?

You can then use your time to carry out other activities within your company. Positioning your website on Google does not happen in a few days. Indeed, it is a long-term job that will require several months of effort. First, the expert carries out a global natural referencing strategy. This will establish the different actions to be applied chronologically. The first action taken is to optimize the performance of the site. Its architecture is also modified to offer the SEO expert a healthy base. This phase of analysis and technical advice is essential for the rest of the operations. The site is then enhanced with optimized content.


Owners to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by understanding the challenges of protecting personal data.  Because digital technology is present today in all companies and this in a global context of evolution and IT upheavals, the protection of personal data is a major issue for the privacy of each person . The GDPR is therefore not a simple directive, but a mandatory regulation at European level, which complements and updates the 1995 European directive on the protection of personal data. All companies that use the personal data of individuals who may be customers (B2B), direct users (B2C), indirect users (B2B2C), and even prospects or collaborators in the course of their activities must comply with the GDPR which comes into force on May 25, 2018.

There is still time for all website

Keep the personal data of Internet users for 3 years only. Delete the data and contact of an Internet user who does not respond to your requests during this same 3-year period. Keep data relating to the browsing of an Internet user for only 13 months, from the date of deposit of the cookie. Delete data not necessary for the achievement of an internal objective, once it has been achieved. Systematically archive the data of people who have asked to no longer be contacted by your company. Regarding consent to the collection of personal data, the rules are getting tougher and you must then put in place on your site.

A link between any consent to the collection of personal data and a concrete and clear action on the part of the Internet user such as a yes / no answer because the GDPR no longer allows implicit consent for the collection of personal data. A quick and easy option to cancel consent. The impossibility of placing a cookie on the web page of an Internet user before his consent action. Profiling possible if it is absolutely non-discriminatory, transparent and for Internet users over 18 years old only. To conclude, if you have not yet started to bring your website into compliance, it is not too late. GDPR 2018: comply before May in 5 steps

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