LECTURE ZEN web-colors-2016Updated April 17, 2019 Trendy colors of the web in 2016 Each year its new color palette, which palette for the web in 2016? Color Cocos Islands Keeling Email List experts have already worked on the 2016 trends (Tollens Color Editor, Benjamin Moore & Co Designers…) . We find these color experts in different universes, such as fashion, interior decoration and…. the Webdesign. And the colors of the web in 2016? web color chart in 2016color chart 2016 With technological advances and the current environment (economic, societal, ecological crisis) , the new trend is to create universes by varying colors and luminosities, by optimizing the user experience  (UX or UXDesign).

To immerse the Internet user in a stimulating or calming universe, the colors used will be: Stimulating , striking, daring even eccentric and intense colors (burgundy, saffron yellow, sapphire blue, fire red, olive green, tangerine orange, plum purple …) Some examples of websites corresponding to this trend: Lucien Essique , Boxe Store , AntheDesign stimulating-color-paletteStimulating color palette We will also find for 2016 the color gold and golden tones . The golden color is able to translate a general desire for fusion between the future and the past: this golden appears in the artistic heritage of the past and the future, in old paintings as in modern design.

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Soothing, reassuring colors We also note the continuity of a social trend aspiring to serenity and optimism. Some examples of websites corresponding to this trend: SPA Life is Beautiful , Maternov , AJBD Gray / White / Blue These colors arouse balance, tranquility, they are also intimate and soothing. Chlorophyll green / Gray / Brown


The soft tones of earth, plants, minerals offer a diversity and harmony of colors. Color palletSoothing color palette What about your website in 2016? For your website, the symbolism of the colors should be taken into account when creating your web charter.

If you already have a graphic charter , you will only have to take the colors of it by working the nuances if necessary to adapt it to the web. If you need to create one or revisit the existing charter, consider a dominant color that will be found in your logo , on all your print documents and of course on your website. You can then choose one or two additional colors. Take into account the trends for 2016  without losing sight of the fact that they are only trends, the choice of your colors must above all reflect the image of your company, your activity and the intended target.

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Both colors and fonts must meet Material Design standards and optimize the user experience on all types of screens (computer, tablet, smartphone). How to create your color palette? You can easily create harmonious color palettes with online tools like Paletton . Paletton is a very complete and easy-to-learn free tool for building palettes and color charts. You can also export your color palettes in different formats. Pallet capture made with paletton.comColor palette capture made with paletton.com A code for each color In the world of fashion as in printing, graphics and the web, each color is associated with a code made up of letters and numbers.

The RVB or RGB This coding system is based on the primary colors red, green, blue and is intended for video and screens. CMYK or CMYK This coding system is based on printing processes, which reproduce a wide color spectrum from 3 shades + black (four-color): cyan, magenta, yellow, black RGB and CMYK color codingRGB and CMYK color coding The HTML This computer hexadecimal coding system is based on colors from the rgb used for the web. This palette of 16,777,216 colors is interpreted by screens and browsers. Each color has its symbolism and their association determines the general atmosphere of a website .

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