But you have a good chance of finding information about the image, an identical image, similar images, and even websites where you will find a similar image. All you have to Lebanon Email List do then is contact the site in question to find out if the image is subject to copyright and to get their agreement to use it. Images found in Google are usually sourced from other hosting sites and are the property of their creators. In addition, most of these images are subject to usage rights. It is therefore risky to use an image found in Google without making sure that you have the authorization to do so. Google Image is the easiest and fastest way to find free and copyright-free images.

You can use keywords to search for the image you need or perform an image search directly. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can try the free image banks. Using the “Usage rights” filter while searching for an image in Google Image can make this easier. But the images shown often show little information about the conditions of use. It is therefore preferable to contact the author to know the conditions of use of the image. “Free to use” means you can use the image as needed. On the other hand, “free of rights” does not mean that the image has no rights. In general, the image is subject to usage rights registered in a license.

Use It To Start The Image Search

If you can’t find the copyright free image you need on Google Image, you can always try your luck with other sources like image banks. These are libraries where many passionate photographers and graphic designers post their works (Photographs, images, illustrations). These databases generally include several thousand visuals, which makes them interesting alternatives to Google images. Even though most of them ask to pay in exchange for the image, this is not always the case. Many free image banks offer images of very good visual quality. You can find photos using a search tool, display the image that catches your eye and even download images that you will use for your project. This is the case with PikWizard (which is almost an image search engine), Wikimedia Commons and Libreshot.


To secure a showcase site or blog, a free SSL certificate is a good alternative to paid certificates issued by other certification authorities. The Let’s Encrypt certificate is really free and offers a very good level of security. On the other hand, its installation will certainly pay off, unless you have the necessary skills. For an e-commerce site, it is preferable to opt for an OV or EV type certificate (OV for organization validation or EV for extended validation). The StartSSL certification authority also issues free SSL certificates. (Some certification authorities: GlobalSign, RapidSSL, AlphaSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, Symantec, Start SSL,…).  Beyond protecting the data exchanged, securing the web is a priority for Google. In fact, Google has encouraged website publishers to switch to HTTPS since 2014.

When The Search Is Complete

Since January 2017, Google Chrome has been reporting a danger in its address bar for all websites that are not accessible via HTTPS. The result of Google’s actions is reflected in strong growth in SSL secure sites. With the strong growth of the free SSL certificate, 50% of the pages loaded in January 2017 were secure . To get a free SSL certificate and secure your website , you just need to have control of your apache server. Let’s Encrypt offers a tool that allows the automatic implementation of the certificate on your domain in a few command lines. An SSL certificate is indeed installed at the hosting level of your site and more precisely at the level of your web server.

Depending on your host and your web server, the procedure for obtaining an SSL certificate and installing it will be different. If your site is hosted on OVH shared or on a VPS or dedicated server, you will be able to benefit from a free SSL certificate in 1 Click. All you have to do is intervene on your site to force it to switch to HTTPS. If, on the other hand, your site is hosted by Gandi on a shared XS type, you will not be able to benefit from a free SSL certificate. To find out if your web server is compatible with the installation of a free SSL certificate, you will need to contact your host. Installing an SSL certificate is free if you do it on your own.

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