At the “SEO in 2018” event, Google reiterated its recommendations for Mobile First Indexing. Google announced, in 2016, the creation of a Mobile First Indexation . After testing it with a few sites, Google has confirmed the deployment of this Costa Rica Email List new index for Mobile. With gradual deployment in 2018. The most important question remains: how to deploy an effective linkbaiting strategy for your SEO? The answer is both simple and complex, since it is about working hard to provide high quality content. Provided that these tend towards the folowing objectives: to have real added value, to be useful to the reader and / or to be innovative. During the event ”SEO in 2018” organized by Google in Paris on  Google announced the publication of detailed recommendations.

Google has therefore published 6 recommendations on its blog. Before reading Google’s recommendations, you will find a few reminders below about mobile first indexing . Mobile First Indexing aims to create a specific index to classify web pages 100% adapted for mobiles . The ranking of pages in the results in this new index is based exclusively on the Mobile version of a web page. Until then, Google classified all web pages in a single index. The creation of this specific index for pages adapted for mobile phones allows Google to offer more qualitative results for mobile users. Ultimately, only pages adapted for mobile will be offered on a Smartphone.

Check that the mobile version

Of your site also has important, high-quality content. Like text, images (with alt attributes) and videos in searchable and indexable formats. The structured data are important for indexing and search features that users appreciate. They must appear on both the mobile version and the classic version of the site. Metadata must be present on both versions of the site. They provide information on the content of a page for its indexing and distribution. Make sure, for example, that the titles, meta description tags and “hreflang” annotations are the same on both versions of the site pages.



The site have enough capacity to handle the potential increase in crawl frequency. This does not affect sites that use Responsive Web Design and dynamic serving. But only those for which the mobile version is hosted on a separate host, such as We have received the following information from Google via Google Search Console for approximately 50 websites. The mobile first index is activated for the site it means that you see more traffic in your logs from Googlebot Smartphone. You also see that snippets in Google search results are now generated from the mobile version of your content.

Make sure that the servers that host

The “off-site” part of natural referencing essentially comes down to working on the popularity of your pages on the vast web. Google likes popularity: it is even one of the criteria that it will take into account to position the pages in the results offered to Internet users (the SERPs ). This popularity is built over inbound links, or backlinks. In essence, link building, also called netlinking , consists of gleaning as many backlinks as possible that point to the pages of your website. The goal of the game is to create a real spider web linking your pages to different sites to take advantage of their SEO juice.

The number of inbound links plays a crucial role in any SEO strategy. As such, it is impossible to do without link building altogether. Even if you practice it in minimal proportions. But beware: in this little building game, there are solid bricks and precarious bricks. For your link building strategy to yield concrete results, you have every interest in favoring quality backlinks. Rather than absolutely trying to get links from any website. Sometimes a backlink can even have a deleterious effect on your positioning. Bulk backlinks and low quality links will tend to grab Google’s attention (this is one of the 6 SEO mistakes to avoid at all costs ).

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