Web technologies are constantly evolving and your website must follow them to remain adapted to the requirements of Google and Internet users. What is a website Kyrgyzstan Email List redesign how to succeed? Before proceeding with the redesign of a website, it is essential to carry out an upstream reflection on the expectations of this redesign and to draw up specifications to then transmit them to the web agency. Define your needs and expectations, the desired tree structure and your budget, Have your current site audited to identify its strengths and weaknesses, Write SEO optimized text content and select your visuals ( images , photos), Determine the webdesign guidelines that must respect your graphic charter ,

Compile all this information in a specification and then send it to a web agency. Choose your web agency and determine a production schedule, Plan maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of your website. This service is generally offered by web agencies. A dated and obsolete website no longer corresponding to current web requirements, A new web marketing strategy (optimization of the site for search engines, creation of a landing page, etc.), A non  responsive web design,  The addition of important functionalities such as an e-commerce, A change of visual identity and graphic charter . The creation of a responsive design website (compatible with screens of all sizes and with all browsers) ,

What Is A Website Redesign?

A more modern and efficient web design, Simpler and more intuitive navigation, Development of the site’s audience  ( SEO Friendly development  ), Improving the conversion rate and increasing requests for qualified contacts, Updating of obsolete text content and visuals. Some examples of website redesigns The Travail-Emploi website before the redesignThe Travail-Emploi website before the redesign The website of Travail-Emploi after the redesignThe website of Travail-Emploi after the redesign Neeva website redesignMockup of the neeva group website after the redesign If the acquisition of organic traffic is part of your objectives as part of the redesign of your website, your site should be SEO Friendly and the following optimizations should be incorporated into your specifications.


A self-adaptive web design for optimal display on Smartphone, The implementation of the Google Analytics tracker  , Adding your site to your Google Search Console account , Optimization of the tagging of the Hn titles of each web page  ( H1 , H2 tags , etc.), Manual writing of title tags and all other tags, The creation and implementation of the robots.txt file, Optimization of loading time, caching management (WP ROCKET for WordPress for example) , Optimization of the URLs of each page, The overhaul of the sitemap.xml and its transmission to Google bot and other robots, The use of  micro-data  to highlight your contact details  (possibly prices)  in Google search results.

The Implementation Of An Ssl Certificate

Google’s Mobile Friendly and  PageSpeed ​​Tools tests , The use of the AMP format for certain pages of your website, Compliance with Google’s mobile first index , Compliance with these different optimizations will allow you to benefit from a sound technical base that complies with Google’s requirements. This is a prerequisite for enhancing your content and obtaining good natural referencing. To successfully redesign a website, we advise you above all to take the time to define your objectives and to go through the drafting of specifications. Upon receipt of your quotes, all you have to do is select the best partner to support you in your project. If you wish to be accompanied by our agency, contact us !

Before you start writing content for the web, discover the 8 fundamentals you need to know for an effective content marketing strategy! Do you want to embark on a content marketing strategy  ? Are you ready to write your first articles for your professional blog? Please note: writing content for the web responds to precise rules, adapted to the specific nature of the medium. Here are the 8 fundamentals of web writing to know to write 100% web friendly content . A print journalist writes to disseminate information. A web editor is also intended to inform; but he must also know how to convince his readership (to sell a product / service, to demonstrate his know-how or that of his client, to encourage the reader to stay on the site, etc.) and to structure his text according to the rules of natural referencing

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