It’s no news these days that the publishing industry has changed a lot since the digital revolution. Twenty years ago both newspapers and magazines were restricted to ink and paper, and because of this, everybody had a clear idea of how to organize themselves in terms of editorial teams. Each person had a clear definition of their roles, which made it easy to stick to them. Nowadays, things look completely different. Sometimes, the same person thinks and conducts the whole process: he/she does both the content and design part, then proofreads the article and also shares the content on social media. One thing’s for sure: as the internet evolved, such did journalism. With the high rise of social media and mass content production, publications needed to find new ways in which to survive.

kate slesinger vanity fair And they did. Today, the editorial teams are nothing without technology. And I’m not the only one who believes this. Kate Slesinger, a publishing director at Condé Nast for more than two decades, declares that “technology has facilitated production enormously and has radically changed the way in which images, for example, are Afghanistan Phone Number to paper.” I would go even deeper and say that technology improves the success and efficiency of the editorial teams, that’s why journalists should take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest. As Kate Slesinger continues, “technology has completely changed the speed with which everyone does business and also with which we can get messages – whether editorial or advertising”.

Besides Making The Editorial

Teams more successful and effective, technology also brought some new roles to the journalism world. Of course, let’s not forget the old ones that have the same importance. Together, they make the perfect editorial team. Let’s take a moment to discuss them in-depth in the next chapter. I’ll start with the classic ones, and then go on to the new ones. Classic roles in an editorial team: Classic roles in an editorial team: Editor In Chief Of course, I had to start my list with the editor in chief. Everybody knows that the editor in chief represents the key figure in every publication. I really have to mention here Anna Wintour who has been working for Vogue for more than 20 years. The editor has to be full of ideas and a great journalist because the editor has the ultimate responsibility for everything that gets published.

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Also, he has to be a great leader for his team that follows him on this journey. An editor has to work with the entire team and decide how the publication is going to look. The editorial team usually has meetings every week where they discuss together the whole process. Each person within the team knows well their responsibilities and has their own role in the publication creation. Sometimes when the editor has too much work to do, they ask for the help of a deputy or assistant. Art director / Creative director The next one I’m going to talk about within the editorial team is the art director, also known as the creative director. He is responsible for the organization and commission of all the artwork within the publication.

The Creative Director Has To Work

With a bunch of designers to make the newspaper or magazine look both professional and stunning. The success of every publication depends on the design part too; that’s why the art director has to give clear instructions to its design team. There were many cases when good publications were ruined by poor design. Designers editorial magazine team Like I said before, the design team works together under the art director’s supervision to design the editorial magazine or newspaper. They need to follow the guidelines, but also express their creativity as much as the art director allows it. There are some art directors who like to oversee every design detail; while there are other directors who are happy to only delegate the work and check it from time to time.

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