International treaty organizations and governments, as well as users of the Internet as a whole. Three supporting organizations are also added to the list of participants, namely Belarus Email List organizations that support the management of domain names, those that manage IP addresses and those responsible for national top-level domains. The technical liaison group is also involved in decision-making. He collaborates with those who deal with the design of basic protocols related to Internet technologies. The Executive Board, formed by more than 20 members, makes the final decisions of ICANN. An independent nomination committee appoints most of the members, especially those with voting rights. As with most companies, a CEO sits at the head of ICANN.

The suggestion or modification is forwarded to the supporting organizations. Discussion ensued, followed by the publication of a report for public review. Each group that makes up ICANN reviews the suggestions. Every point of view must be taken into account. The result obtained is still subject to public scrutiny. The Executive ICANN receives a report containing the summary of the discussion and a recommendation list. The management board can approve certain modifications and refuse others as the case may be. He can also refuse all suggestions and send the case back to the supporting organizations. A re-examination is necessary until there is a compromise between the members and the management board.

There are also root server operators

On PrestaShop, you have the possibility to manage your catalog to make it more pleasant to navigate and so that the products are as well documented as possible. you can add new articles and fill in their: A meta description and a long description will also be necessary for referencing. In this context, the use of keywords, titles and other information such as price and delivery terms will be necessary. Please note, although it is possible to manage the catalog in this way, it is important to know that these functionalities are not complete. Which can therefore make the task time-consuming. To optimize the management of your backoffice, you will then need to install a PrestaShop module , in order to obtain all the functionalities necessary for the smooth running of your e-commerce .

Although PrestaShop is quite successful in its functionality, some recurring errors may appear. To resolve them, updating to a more recent version and adding a PrestaShop module dedicated to catalog management are required . The most recurring problems that may appear when managing your e-commerce store on PrestaShop revolve around. payment gateways response time errors because the modules are static. It is therefore necessary to control them. of some incidents that appear during the execution of operations. This problem is due to the system which is not totally perfect. And also because of the complexity of maintaining the stock. control of operations which becomes more complicated in the event of the implementation of multi-currency or multilingual logistics.

In the categories section

In short, these are constraints that may appear when using this e-commerce CMS , but which can be solved as soon as you customize your programming . The best way to manage your product catalog without having to leave other important tasks for the good running of your business is to install a suitable module . To do this, you can opt for solutions that allow you to customize your programming and manage your back office easily and quickly. By using a PrestaShop module, the management of your backoffice and your catalog can be done in a grouped manner and no longer by product .

You can choose an image per category to standardize the interface, activate or deactivate products or categories when needed, as well as copy and paste the information when needed in order to save time. The description of the images is automated thanks to the simultaneous download. You just need to add photos according to the characteristics: color, specificities of the product, type, etc. This module is also used to manage images, attributes and mass products. It allows the creation and modification of subcategories , the creation of new categories and default categories. This functionality makes it possible to apply the same characteristics for several categories at the same time. So that the task is less time-consuming.

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