Is an HTTP code transmitted by a web server when the called resource cannot be found, yes but still …. ZEN READING error-404Updated April 17, 2019 404 Cocos Islands Keeling Email List  error overview Who hasn’t encountered a 404 error while browsing? Statistically, each of us has already encountered a 404 error while surfing. 404 error pages are displayed when a web page, image or video does not exist or no longer exists. Some web browsers display then the message “404 File Not Found” (file not found) . From a computer point of view, the 404 error is an error code for the HTTP communication protocol on the Internet. error-404-not-found404 not found error page – non-personalized page Where do 404 errors come from? A 404 error  occurs when:

A user makes an error by typing the address of the page he wants to visit in the address bar of the browser. A webmaster makes an error by making a link between his pages with the effect of leading visitors to a page that does not exist (a rare error with the use of CMS like WordPress ) . A webmaster removes a web page from a site without removing one of the links still leading to that page. The backlink pointing to deleted pages without any redirection 301 or 302. The web pages of a website are not redirected correctly after a structural overhaul . When a 404 error occurs, the browser returns the “page not found” message by default .

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The interest of a site editor is to personalize this error page to keep the visitor and direct him to another page or a search field for example. error-404-website-agency-web-anthedesignCustom 404 error How do I find a 404 error? You can find a 404 error by putting yourself in a visitor’s shoes by browsing your entire website, following each link for dead or broken links. This technique quickly finds its limits when a website exceeds fifty pages. Fortunately there are other solutions that will have the advantage of saving you precious time. The interface for webmaster  Google Searc


h Console  with the notification of crawling errors.

SEO analysis tools like Yooda Seeurank that crawl an entire site and identify all broken links and redirects. Software such as Xenu’s Link Sleuth that tracks all of the links on your site for dead links (also known as broken links or broken links) . google-search-console-errors-404Google Search Console crawl errors How do you deal with 404 errors? For the Internet user, a 404 error results in an error page that may or may not be personalized. Google or rather Googlebot ( Google’s crawler) translates a 404 error as a crawling error. According to Google : Typically, 404 errors don’t negatively affect your site’s performance in Google search results.

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You can safely ignore them. On the face of Google, no problem with 404 errors. On the SEO and user experience side, it’s a little different. google-404-not-found For natural referencing and for your netlinking , it is better to correct your 404 errors by redirecting the visitor to a page similar to the one that was deleted or to a strategic page on your website. For the user experience, the recommendations are the same, if on the one hand you do everything possible to attract visitors and make your site attractive, it is damaging to mess everything up with 404 errors which can be easily fixed with simple redirects. Conclusion Even though Google does not consider 404 errors to have a negative impact on a site’s performance, it is best to correct them to improve both your SEO and the user experience.

Itiated by Facebook with other partners (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera Software and Qualcomm). Internet-org-by-facebook Facebook’s objective: to offer the speed equivalent of a 3G connection in the most remote regions, the signal will be transmitted by an antenna fixed on a drone flying more than 18,000 meters above our heads. Internet-org by FacebookInternet-org by Facebook Aquila, the Facebook solution. To achieve its goal and according to persistent rumors, Facebook had its sights set on the solar drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace, it was finally the giant Google which announced the takeover of Titan.

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