Within its commercial strategy, Naturella sought to generate demand through Influencer Marketing and increase participation in the “Try Naturella” campaign. In the context of branding, generating demand can be a complex task. Even the most attractive product can fail if it is not marketed properly. And by marketing it the right way, we mean making it visible to a mass audience. And who has an audience that big?

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The influencers. To meet the goals of reaching that Morocco Phone Number audience, Naturella ran their campaign through VoxFeed. Naturella: Results of the campaign 279k Unique Content Views – 28% Reduced cost per lead – registrations in the campaign (CPL) $0.07 Cost per (CPE) in the campaign The campaign: Demand Generation with Influencer Marketing With this strategy, Naturella seeks to encourage the participation of its customers in the “Try Naturella” campaign.

Morocco Phone Number
Morocco Phone Number

In It, Customers Would Have

To buy one of the products (Naturally Invisible and/or Naturally Just Naturals), register their ticket at titulaturela.com and, with that, they would receive their money back. what we consider to be the best and most popular online store platforms among entrepreneurs.

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