In her case, this is reinforced by her background: herself of color, adopted and provided with a traditional Dutch surname. As head of communications, she is responsible for all corporate communications. So she works in an international environment. “I’ve never experienced color as an issue myself,” she says clearly. “Being my wife once in a while.” To describe this same phenomenon, Virgill casually refers to a ‘cheesy Surinamese’. Do Surinamese really have to ‘relocate’ to be able to settle in a white team?

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He saw in himself that he was inadvertently adjusting his own Bahamas Phone Number behavior to what he thought was acceptable. Then you become a mutated version of yourself, just to be able to fit in with your environment. Not an approach that brings out the best in yourself. “I also hear that sound from many other colleagues of color: they adapt, thinking that everything will be fine. But then they are no longer themselves.” diversity inclusiveness “How much do you talk! You must become a television presenter in the future!

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Virgill therefore never expressed his ambitions at that time. He saw a lot of cocky behavior at the desk bosses, who had no sense at all in a busy Surinamese who does not know his place. “I have tested my experiences a lot with others, everyone had that experience.” Virgill doesn’t just look for the causes in the dominant culture in the industry. Something also comes into play on the other side: the non-white upbringing. “If a child is very busy, a Surinamese mother will soon say.

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