Inflationary pressures continued to rise

The PMI survey showed. As rapid wage growth raised input costs in the labor-intensive service sector. Which rose at the fastest pace since May and fueled a new rise. In sales prices. Overall, producer prices rose. Solidly in November, with the inflation rate rising since October. S&P said, adding that service companies had raised their prices at a faster pace. While manufacturers were declining. Separate data released by.The ECB this week showed that growth in negotiated wages. In the eurozone accelerated from percent in the second quarter to percent in the third quarter.

How Germany’s debt brake broke

Where jobs were reduced the most since August he said. “In contrast, service providers continued to expand their staffing levels.” The continued decline in business activity points to “increasing Albania Phone Number Database signs of recession in the euro zone,” said Christoph Weil, an economist at Commerzbank. However, he said investors hoping the ECB could cut rates as early as.April would likely be disappointed due to “still elevated underlying inflationary pressures created by rapid wage growth.When Germany enshrined a “debt brake” in its constitution in it was celebrated.As a victory for fiscal rectitude and a definitive.

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Olaf Scholz’s government mired

It was the biggest mistake of German economic policy in the last 20 or 30 years professor of international economics at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. “Stupidity is now in the constitution and we cannot get rid of it.” Doubts about the debt brake – which Germany has also Belgium Phone Number List tried to impose on other eurozone countries – have proliferated since last week’s ruling by its constitutional court that derailed spending plans and sank Scholz’s fragile coalition. in the worst crisis of its two years. reign. Talks on next year’s budget have been postponed. Indefinitely and future funding for.Ukraine and other major spending lines has been frozen, with the three ruling parties at odds over what to do next.

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