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What is an infographic? Definition Information graphics. Or infographics  are defined as a visual Representation of. Information andor data. It is an image that combines different visual elements, such as text, graphs, images, diagrams and even videos to explain complex concepts in a concise and Accessible way. The subject can thus be presented attractively and particularly clearly. Making it much More intelligible. The more creative and graphically original an infographic is, the better it captivates and holds the attention of readers. But. As fun as it is. This

Communication medium does not seek to distort.

The information by simplifying it to the extreme. On the contrary, it is a question of creating a support capable of facilitating the. Good understanding of the content, as well as the memory retention of the Information. You will have understood. A quality infographic cannot be improvised. What is the role of an infographic Whether you want to TeleList marketing create an infographic for purely informative purposes or want to integrate it into your content marketing strategy. It is important to clearly define what needs it will meet. You will choose the visual codes colors fonts, etc. According to your objectives. Likewise. The arrangement of information will depend on how it is to be processed. Here are some examples of some of The most. Commonly used structures in creating infographics. Synthesize Information Informational infographics are perhaps closest to.

The traditional editorial layout.

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in that they have clearly identifiable sections separated by subheadings. Bringing statistics to BEB Directory life To present numerical data and make the information easy to remember. It is preferable to limit the text to what is strictly necessary and to prioritize graphs, diagrams and other icons. A colorful design and large font will highlight the elements to remember in an attractive way, for content that makes you want to be consulted. Presenting chronological information If you want to highlight the history of a subject.

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