From Romeo and Juliet to Aslan the Lion, it’s no secret that some of our favourite characters from classic literature had their fair share of problems. But could modern-day technology go any way towards helping them out of their sticky situations? How differently might our cherished fictional tales have turned out if smartphones had played a part? We found out for ourselves when we reimagined some of the best-loved novels from history as Modern Day Classics. Romeo and Juliet Poor Juliet could have avoided heartbreak and tragedy if only she’d had Tinder. With the eligible bachelors of Verona just waiting to show her a good time, she would have forgotten that sweet-talking crooner in no time.

Romeo who? aslan-narnia-instagram Which witch could possibly have it in for Aslan if he put his feline charms to work on Instagram? Everyone loves a good cat meme, and with his #gingerbeard and #epicsmile, the White Witch would be following him in no time. Take a look at the full set of illustrations to find out how the Very Hungry Ghana Phone Number might finally have managed to eat his fill and how Uber could have helped the White Rabbit get to his destination on time. This is the key to getting the busy consumer to watch your videos. If you can keep your videos short, the chances of getting more views increase. It’s the reason why TikTok and Instagram Reels work so well.

Well, Why Did Instagram

Copy Tik Tok, the truth. Not convinced of the power of short-form video? A report shows that 68% of viewers watch full videos if they are less than 60 seconds long. Another 25% will finish if it is less than 20 minutes. Hootsuite also showed that engagement stats skyrocket every time they post an Instagram Reel. It is time to make short videos within your strategy. #4 Live Video Streaming Connection. Privacy. Authenticity. These are the things that people want from brands. Therefore, it changes the sales pitch and corporate jargon in favor of human and identifiable video content. It shows that you are a human being and that you can connect with potential clients on a personal level. Since you can’t be face-to-face with everyone all the time, the best thing to do is start doing live broadcasts.

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Live streaming is growing all over the world. For example, last year in the UK, people spent almost 64% of their time watching videos. Much of this is happening on social platforms. Facebook gets the most live video views, followed by Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Keep in mind that after broadcasting live, you can keep the video, download it and edit it according to your objective and preference. #5 Interactive video People don’t just want to read the content, they want to watch it because it’s more engaging. But what if there was a way to further improve user engagement? The good news: it is possible to use interactive video. Maybe you’ve seen a handful of social media videos like this popping up in your feed lately. These videos allow you to make.

Selections And Choices As You Watch

An interactive video offers a selection of options that change the outcome of the content. For example, in a video presented by a chef, he will teach you how to make some cookies or a cake, depending on the option you choose. There are a variety of ways to make your video interactive. This includes adding an email form to your newsletter or using a chatbot to answer questions after watching the video. CONNECT Connect young people across borders in a global effort to find new ideas at the intersection of cultures and disciplines. REPORT Demonstrate that the promotion and strengthening of an Entrepreneurial Culture require the joint work of the Private Sector, Government, Educational Entities and the Media.

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