It does not bring any direct added value in terms of referencing. It can, on the other hand, be useful for Great Britain Email List the user experience ! The legend brings content around the image and helps to take care of the context. 8 | Long description Like the caption, the long description of your image is not read by Google directly, it is, on the other hand, very useful for attachment pages. It is also a formidable SEO lever for portfolio type sites or sites dedicated to photography. To conclude on the referencing of images By following these simple tips, you will optimize the SEO and positioning of your images. If the results are not there, an audit of your website will certainly highlight blocking points.

Find out more: the future in the search for images will also depend on the quality of these, the progress of the engines will eventually allow the identification of a blurry photo! The result of a “universal search” is the display of data from different databases. ZEN READING universal searchUpdated on February 10, 2021 The “universal search” or “universal search” dates from 2007 for Google, it consists of displaying several types of different resources from different databases  (images, videos, web pages, news, Maps, Google Shopping). Universal search according to Google It results in a results page where the different contents are mixed.

The Analysis Of The Position Of Your Web

Google offers this type of “universal” results only on queries where, for example, the display of an image from Google image is an added value (around 80% of Google searches in 2015). Example of a universal search result You will find below a capture of the request ” Google logo “, it is here an image which arrives in first position , and if you click on it…. Surprise! First position for the Google logo on the front page of the article:  Google becomes Alphabet!  This is the result of an optimization of the referencing of the images contained in the articles of the blog.


It is used for: product catalogs, internal journals, information reviews and magazines. The pinout can be on the long side, French (portrait format) or on the small side, Italian (landscape format) . The most popular formats for printing 10.5 x 15 cm closed format 10.5 x 21 cm closed format 15 x 21 cm closed format 21 x 21 cm closed format 21 x 29.7 cm closed format (French or The glued square back brochure is mainly used for catalogs, magazines, annual reports and corporate presentations. It can consist of a larger number of pages than a stapled brochure (between 40 and 152 pages, cover included) .

The most popular formats for printing 15 x 21 cm closed 21 x 29.7 cm closed The metallic or Wire’O spiral binding brochure It is a brochure where the staples are replaced by a metal spiral (Wire’O). It offers a pagination of 8 to 324 pages. As with the stapled binding, the cover is optional. This type of binding is often used for books, photo albums and tourist guides. The most popular formats for printing 15 x 21 cm closed 21 x 29.7 cm closed Inside pages and cover For the inside pages, choose a paper of at least 130 gr / m²  (so that the paper is not too thin) , the ideal is 135 gr / m² or 170 gr / m².

You have the option of having them printed on glossy or semi-matt coated paper. On the cover side , you have the choice between 250 gr / m² or 300 gr / m² with matt, semi-matt or gloss coated paper. To make your brochure even more rewarding, we recommend a laminated cover, a lamination will also make your support more resistant. The different film coatings available for printing: Glossy or matte, straight or straight / back, Matt and selective varnish , Mat Soft Touch. Some tips for a successful brochure It must have an attractive cover page mentioning the essential information about your business:

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