On May 25, the GDPR, a major de facto data protection reform imposed on the countries of the European Union, came into force. This marked improvement in Canada Email Address List European legislation revises the protection of citizens’ personal data and adds a level playing field for companies, especially after the technological developments of the last decade. Because the general data protection regulation can have a strong impact for companies that do not comply with it, here are the main points to see the compliance of your website with the new regulation. Crucial point of the GDPR , consent to the processing of personal data must be explicitly requested from all Internet users who consult your website.

The pre-checked boxes that consent to the processing and collection of personal data are then finished without the Internet user himself clicking on the “I authorize” or “I refuse” box. In addition to this request for explicit consent, the advance in personal data protection brought about by the GDPR is that the Internet user must also be able to withdraw it at any time. Therefore, only cookies that are strictly necessary can be placed before the consent of Internet users. To be compliant with the GDPR, your website must then allow Internet users to consent to the processing of their data. This clause must in particular be integrated into all the services of your site (Google Analytics, Adsense, Ads, etc.) which collect and process the following data.

Request consent to data processing

Verification of information : before the stage of writing on the web , the information collected must be verified, compared with other information on the same subject and referred to its source if necessary. The synthesis of information : the web editor who now has his information must spend time analyzing and thinking about the relevance of all his information to synthesize, collect and organize it in the structure of his web article which must meet the requirements. internet requirements. Writing for the web : choose the words through which the theme is best expressed to propel the message in addition to capturing, seducing and persuading the reader. Here is an article entirely dedicated to the production of quality web content.


Used to predict, prevent and influence events in order to be able to optimize a strategy in a timely manner, machine learning platforms are increasingly used by companies. By taking into account tons of data, this AI tool perceives and understands a level almost equivalent to that of humans. An ascent of artificial intelligence on the web which is not about to stop, especially in France where the web giants, Google, Facebook, but also Samsung and Fujitsu have announced their investment in research for AI and in the training of several thousand people in these new tools. More advanced in speech recognition, NLP (Automatic Natural Language Processing) allows him to process different aspects of human language by taking much more of its subtleties into account.

Inform the visitor of a GDPR-compliant site

Storytelling is a narrative communication technique that can be used consistently for the image of a brand, but also occasionally to support a particular campaign. This tool strongly participates in the positioning and image of a brand or a product. It is particularly widely used in the luxury industry, the best example of which is undoubtedly the storytelling used in advertisements for the perfumes of luxury brands which use enchanting stories to seduce their target. Outside of this industry, storytelling is also a very good copywriting technique, which is used for writing blog articles, newsletters or even product pages on a website, in short in writing web content.  Some people also use storytelling very well in internal communication, in political communication, but also in everyday life!

For the magic of storytelling to work, you first need to know your target audience inside out in order to know what type of story they will be sensitive to and find a story that is also in keeping with your own identity. To master storytelling, that is to say attract attention, arouse emotion and convince a target to join, you must first find the right story to tell. Then you have to work on your staging by being creative. We then start by setting the scene, talking about the precise place where the story takes place, we then continue by describing the character or characters while presenting the overall context in a fun way, without too many formalities.

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