Google Webmaster Tools  (renamed Google Search Console, it’s your link with Google) Choose Libya Email List efficient and properly sized web hosting Install an SSL certificate to secure your website Create Robots.txt file  and  sitemap Optimize the loading time of your site with a cache manager and a CDN Offer unique and quality editorial content Avoid duplicate content at all costs Develop netlinking by obtaining good inbound links (with a   high page rank as well as a good Trust Flow ) Did you think the enumeration was over? Nay! We are continuing our momentum. Work on internal linking ( mesh between the pages of your website) Banish type of content Flash , (blocking factors) Update your website regularly

Optimize meta description tags Work on semantic markup Make your  website responsive design and mobile friendly Prepare your site to anticipate the deployment of the mobile first index Analyze your site logs Go look for zero positions Use structured data , micro-formats Stay on standby and keep you informed of developments in Google’s algorithms Small point on the algo Regarding changes in Google’s algorithms, they are frequent and must be taken into account to maintain your SEO. For example, the latest updates , Mobile First Index, Rankbrain and Bert should be factored into your SEO strategy. If you are the owner of a website and want to improve your  internet referencing and your positioning,

Both For Storage And The Budget

Do not succumb to the sirens of a free pseudo referencing. Have an SEO audit of your website carried out before starting any optimization process, this is the SEO advice of the year. So what do you think of the explanation of SEO AntheDesign version? Tell us  !w web professions looks promising. Why is the logo important in your company’s business strategy? ZEN READING Company logoUpdated November 16, 2020 The logotype, more commonly called “logo” , is an invention of the printers in the early 19  th century. Since the rise of industry and mass production, the logo has become essential for the image and notoriety of a brand, a company or an association.


The word logo is unfairly used to name an  emblem, a monogram, a badge or even a coat of arms. What is a logo? A logo is a graphic representation of a brand or a company, it is the result of a creative brief followed by in-depth creative research aimed at representing and enhancing the image of a brand or a company. A logo is characterized by the choice of its  colors , the choice of a  typography  and often that of a symbol. Logo of the florist Le Marché aux FleursLogo: The Flower Market A logo is essential for the visual identity of your company, it constitutes a point of reference and conveys your image through it. It is often the first step in any communication process.

Traditional Format Before The Arrival

The logo makes it possible to establish a direct link between the various products and services offered by a brand or a company. It should allow you to identify your business at a glance. The logo must also age well and to last over time and make an impression. Sources & Life logoSources & Vie logo What are the missions of a logo? Your logo embodies your image and represents the basis of your  visual identity . The main objective is to get the public to quickly and effectively memorize this graphic image symbolizing your business. A logo is mainly used to: seduce, enhance your image, identify your activity, your services, your products or your point of sale, give meaning to your business,

Have illustrated administrative and commercial documents to strengthen the impact of your messages, unite your customers around an image, represent your staff, give your business a unique personality and make you stand out. A successful logo should: represent the essential values ​​of the company, be easily readable, simple, be unique and not subject to confusion with the logos of competitors, present a strong stylization of the graphic elements, be sustainable over time, be usable in different contexts while maintaining its integrity, be able to be reproduced in large or small, respect the graphic codes of its sector of activity, be available in black and white, meet the objectives set in the specifications. AloJob Logotype: Relationship Marketing and RecruitmentAloJob Logotype:

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