The Premium Template is great and easy!” ” And yes like: The customization of the theme  with Uganda Email Lists logic specific to the developer and not necessarily accessible to all, They are gas factories ! Which implies not to touch the code for a beginner the customer who thinks he can manage his site alone but farts everything afterwards Option panels galore  and Page Builder which can make the WordPress admin interface slow and painful to use. Tools that keep a very nice url in memory when developing locally. Like for example localhost: 8888 But also the maintenance of the themes and its hazards, because they are not necessarily always updated, which can cause great errors in the console as well as great nervous breakdowns .

As you will have understood, even a well-made Premium Template requires basic code knowledge, if you have no coding concept, go your way, you will waste your time and you will have bought a theme for nothing. Note: If your project requires a particular design, frequent upgrades, a specific tree structure … the template will not be able to meet all your requirements, the tailor-made will be more suitable. Also pay attention to the choice of your template, the risk of having the same site as your neighbor is not excluded, the best seller Avada has already been sold more than 192,000 times! What is HTML / CSS integration?

For This Price You Acquire A Theme

Forgive me but, do you see yourself redesigning your HTML page with HTML / CSS integration for each new post? It would be a tedious job and a waste of time. CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are there to serve you. An HTML / CSS integration consists of integrating a mockup  made on Photoshop  according to specifications , the mockup is “grafted” onto a  CMS such as WordPress to become an exclusive Template. The main advantage of an HTML / CSS integration is a perfect adaptation to all types of requests with greater freedom in terms of Web design and user experience . For example on this site, we have used this technique. HTML / CSS integration is really interesting but it involves integrator / developer skills, to be reserved for web professionals.


When performing an integration, you must also optimize your code to make it easily modifiable and maintainable. Also think of the customer by customizing his administration console, not everyone knows CSS or even PHP! The major advantage of HTML / CSS integration is to be able to put online a site with an exclusive design and perfectly adapted to your needs.  HTML / CSS integration requires longer development times and a larger budget than buying and customizing a theme. How much does a 100% tailor-made website cost? And on the SEO side? For HTML / CSS integration as for a Themeforest.

Themeforest Also Offers Over

Template, it is relatively easy to optimize your site (provided you choose a naturally optimized theme) . Mastering  basic SEO and WordPress techniques will allow you to perfectly manage and optimize your content. For example, for the referencing of your images , if your theme is well designed, you will only have to enter the right tags. To go further, whether it concerns a theme or an integration, you can concatenate your CSS / JS files to  optimize your loading times  by making fewer calls in the html like the famous script tags ! However, current CMSs offer Gzip compression of your html pages and believe me it shows right away!

For projects where natural referencing is essential, a tailor-made Template will be more efficient and lighter than a Template, for example it will have a better text / code ratio. 10 SEO tips to improve the SEO of your website My opinion, There is no  one best solution , there is a solution for each web project. You just need to stick as closely as possible to your needs. But beware of slippages, provide yourself with specifications listing among other things the desired functionalities,  graphic directives , etc. Once the needs have been correctly formulated, the choice between a Template and an HTML / CSS integration will become obvious.

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