URL, did you say URL? How strange  … These three letters that make up this acronym may be among the most important on the vast Internet, they remain (too often) misunderstood. It’s time to get acquainted with them. The URL is the Cabo Verde Email List faithful companion of all existing websites. Without it, it is impossible to find a page on the Internet (for Internet users) and even, simply, to index it (for search engines). Let’s go into detail in 4 questions. The simple version: the URL is an address on the web . It allows you to find a page on the Internet, just as your postal address allows you to find your accommodation.

A good design of the information thanks to the airing of the text, to the bolding, to the titling every 3 paragraphs minimum, to the length of the limited sentences or to the reading aid (boxes, epigraph , quotes, etc.). Text optimization for mobile pages and apps that makes the reader on a small screen enjoyable. Even if web writing and journalistic writing have certain points in common such as mastery of the language, the art of titling, illustration of words or even the telling of a story, they are different. Web writing that communicates more than informing, will first process general information and then move on to the most specific throughout the text in order to immediately attract the attention of the reader who reads faster. that accustomed to the web.

What makes URL so important?

This technique is valid because the Internet user is behind a screen which prevents him from reading as fluently as that on paper, but also because web writing wants to encourage action. Faced with readers-users, readers-customers, web writing wants to be persuasive and wants to move forward in the commitment to a purchase or to loyalty. Different from writing for paper support, web writing involves, among other things, establishing. Textual markers such as titles and subtitles clearly visible to guide the movement of the eye on the screen page. In short, web writing is part of a marketing strategy by enriching the user experience for a well-identified objective.

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How does auto-completion, which has the main objective of saving internet users’ time, work? Have you ever noticed the suggestions for additional queries made by your search engine when you type a letter or a word on your search bar? This is called auto-completion. The different functions of auto-completion. Also known under the name completely automatic , auto-complete is a feature that suggests and proposes additions to a request based on the input of users on search engines. Google has been using it for example since 2008 under its Google Suggest and Instant functions . This functionality adapts as a letter and a word are typed on the search bar and is used to.

Finally, it is a valuable tool for SEO!

Save time for Internet users by speeding up data entry. Prevent Internet users from having to correct typos. Help people with disabilities or motor difficulties. Facilitate access to information for all. Who uses auto-completion? If we have already mentioned the search engines and in particular Google as a user of completely automatic under two different functions, the web giant is not at all the only one to use it today. We find, in fact, auto-completion on web browsers such as. The translation assistance tools integrated into text editors such as Trados and Wordfast or certain programming software such as Emacs and Eclipse have also adopted this fully automatic functionality.

The semantic method or semantic analysis consists in taking into account the meaning of the words of a text and therefore the meaning relationships between several words thanks to an integrated lexicon. This method guarantees the correct differentiation of formulations whose meaning may seem more or less similar in order to adjust the answers as closely as possible to what the Internet user expects. For example, the words “modify” and “change” will be clearly differentiated, with the aim of giving the expected answer from the first search of the Internet user. From your search history, from a defined keyword database and by taking into account the number of appearances of each word in a text, the keyword method allows you to display a proposal for no more than close to the user’s expectations.

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