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The thought of generating content ideas on a consistent basis often knocks us out before the opening bell even rings. It can be difficult to consistently write exceptional content. That encourages visitors to stick around and learn about your unique selling proposition. So, how do you break this cycle and write regularly for your blog? Let’s pretend you’re the marketing director for a website that makes and sells boxing equipment. You want to use business blogging to convey the passion, care, and expertise your company puts into creating its specialized gear. The problem is that your message is only a couple paragraphs.

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It’s obvious that your wimpy. Single piece of content reads more like a press release or About page. Than a compelling story that spreads across multiple blog posts. You’re stuck with limited material when you need to develop. A fascinating content series made up of many different articles that help boxers and boxing enthusiasts find your merchandise. Instead of “throwing in the towel” and losing a marketing opportunity, view your situation from a creative perspective. You can learn how to write articles fast by having a C Level Executive List big list of ideas ready to go. With that in mind, here are 16 ways a boxing equipment business could approach blog post writing. Note that each of the article ideas below can be applied to your niche to make your website a fresh resource in your industry. This is where you get to show off your love of storytelling.

That Discuss Important Events

Feature your individual products in separate blog posts. Rather than merely listing that you sell gloves, bags, mouthguards, tape, etc. What are their special benefits? Which qualities make them the perfect purchase for your ideal customer? 2. Customer testimonials After you’ve posted articles that spotlight each of your products, create complementary posts with testimonials about those BEB Directory products. Link the new posts to relevant old posts. 3. Reader discounts Show your appreciation for your blog readers by rewarding them with special offers or giveaways. After you’ve chosen the right email software for your business. You can add an incentive to subscribe to your website, such as a freebie or discount on a special offer.

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