Do you know how to make a management report? Running a business is a big challenge. but it is far from an impossible mission. After all. there are techniques. resources and strategies that help the entrepreneur achieve success.


Managing finances. employees. inventory. marketing and sales strategies are some of the many responsibilities of a leader . It may seem like a lot of work. but management reporting can make everything easier and safer.


The premise is simple. but some managers do not know how to prepare a good management report. If you are one of these professionals. don’t worry. We have prepared a step by step with everything you need to do. So keep reading!


The importance of the management report

even with the unstable economy. brazilians are persistent in entrepreneurship. In 2018. two out of five people between the ages of 18 and 64 were involved in some business activity or had plans to open their own business .


There are 52 million brazilians at the head of a business in the most varied segments. However. putting fear aside and betting on this dream is just the first step. You have to be strategic and work hard to achieve maximum performance.


In this context. the management report serves as an essential tool for the operation of any enterprise. It allows you to see the business situation more accurately and helps you make safer and more assertive decisions.


Through it. it is possible to observe the results achieved and rethink the actions that are not working. This is because it presents the particularities of the business and its performance during the period evaluated.


The 6 elements of a good management report

you already understand the importance of this document. but to learn how to make a complete and effective management report. it is necessary to know better the elements that cannot be missing in its structure.


Thus. as the purpose of this post is to make Estonia Phone Numbers you clarify any doubts on the subject and not face problems with this task in your daily life. let’s start with the basics. So. here are the 6 essential elements for a good report!


  1. Title

the management report is nothing more than a document in the form of a report that serves to measure the performance of your business and assist in decision making. For this reason. it is important that it has a title.


Therefore. as there are reports for different sectors and purposes. the title will help you to identify the subject quickly and efficiently.


  1. Contextualization

contextualization is another indispensable element and it also allows the recipient — you or another employee — to understand what will be analyzed in the following pages.


This text needs to be brief and objective. serving as an introduction to the metrics. statistics and results that will be presented.

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  1. Objectives

every management report is prepared for some reason. That way. don’t forget to enter the objectives of this document and focus on what is really important and useful for your business.


The report must be an instrument that is easy to analyze and has a very clear objective. Thus. even before starting the process. carefully choose the information that will be presented so that they are consistent with your objective.


  1. Summary

the summary is text for quick reading and should contain the most relevant data from the report. That way. you avoid having to read it in its entirety every time the manager needs to make a decision.


A well-crafted synopsis saves your time and leads to faster. safer decisions. After all. information is presented in a more objective way. like in a  mind map .


  1. Results

finally. your management report cannot fail to have an area for the presentation of results.


In this item we must enter all the observations made

that are relevant. as well as statistics. tables. graphs and performance metrics observed.


  1. Conclusion

the conclusion is the outcome of your report and has to show your findings — which will be based on the data presented throughout the document.


Realize that these are not personal opinions. With the support of  big data . the conclusion is proven in real and up-to-date information already collected. That’s why it’s so valuable for running the business.


The complete step by step of how to make a management report

many managers consider the preparation of management reports a real challenge. The truth is that this document has always been part of the administration of a business. but it has gained even greater space in recent years.


In view of this. we have prepared a complete step-by-step guide so that you have a useful instrument at hand that can help you earn more money. correct failures and take advantage of market opportunities. Follow up!


Step 1: plan before you start

planning is the best way to produce a complete document capable of bringing benefits to your business. Otherwise. you could waste time writing an incomplete report or with irrelevant data.


Before any action. define the objectives and identify how the information presented will help the business grow. To do this. start by answering the questions described below.

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