A site that has been created according to the rules of the art is gaining popularity. It offers various functionalities (buttons, sections, etc.). The content of its Bermuda Email List pages is interesting, their paragraphs are well ventilated, their keywords are relevant, the images are crisp and clear, the videos are smooth, and the page loads fast. A well-referenced site finds its place in the SERP. What is it for SEO? A search engine such as Google first displays the SERPs whose content is able to meet the demands of Internet users. When an Internet user makes a request, a dozen links appear in SERP 1, each offering their answer.

Again, a few studies show that only the first three links really grab visitors’ attention . This reason is more than enough to understand why the majority of websites do their utmost to appear among the first links in SERP 1. The keywords used by Internet users for each request determine the position of a site. For example, various sites sell wicker coffee tables. A site that has inserted the words “wicker coffee tables” in the list of its keywords has a better chance of generating traffic. The number of clicks can lead to sales, hence the interest of appearing on the first page of results for merchant sites.

The display of a site depends on

Websites that appear in SERP 1 got around 33% of computer clicks. These sites are generally rated by degree of relevance by search engines like Google or Yahoo. SERP 2 is the next page, even hidden, which also offers answers to Internet users but you will have to scroll to display this second page on your screen. It is the same for the display of SERPs 3, 4, and so on. Previously, all Internet users saw the same display orders for pages that are in SERP 1. The reason is simple: statistics were the only criteria taken into account by search engines to rank websites. . Currently, other factors have an impact on the ranking, namely.


Mobile phones, for example, show different results depending on the searches performed. Google tends to display optimized websites on smartphone screens . When you make a query through your account, Google is more likely to show results related to your previous connections to help save you time. However, new results may appear if you have set up your data to protect them. Your location also has an impact on web search results if you have enabled the geographic location option on your device. SERPs will automatically match your location. Google is one of the search engines which is constantly innovating in the way its pages are displayed in order to attract the attention of Internet users.

 Among the changes you can see is global research

And also the local results and the knowledge graph. A news-related search allows Google to provide recent results through Google News . This will give you a block of results that is usually displayed at the top of the page if the query is global. Classified by search engines according to different factors, SERPs can change depending on the search algorithms performed. In order to avoid spam, search engines like Google do not disclose their algorithms. Websites can react in order to appear in SERP 1, and even among the first three links of this first page. To achieve this, just follow Google’s instructions on best SEO practices .

Plus, most web hosts give you a choice when you start, or migrate, a site on their platform. If the host does not give you the choice of server, you are strongly advised to choose another hosting. Before starting your migration, you will need to perform a full backup of your website. Many plug-ins are available to you for free in WordPress to accomplish this task. This step is crucial and will get you back to the original website if something goes wrong. Either way, doing a regular backup of your site can also be a good idea. Indeed, in the event of a server crash or a bug following a manipulation, you can instantly find the backup of your website.

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