Ever been in an airport browsing through hundreds of magazines at the nearest newsstand, confused about what to read on your next flight? Browsing through a multitude of newspapers and magazines that you simply can’t choose from. Been there! And I know how it feels. Especially if you’re into newspapers and magazines like me. But most importantly if you’re in the publishing business, you may want to grow your exposure, gain more influence and, let’s be honest about it, sell more. This article is for you. And it deals with the best magazine apps for publishers exactly like you. But how do you sell more magazines or newspapers if you compete with big media outlets who have the power to be everywhere? In airports, coffee shops, malls and so on.

In print, digital and most importantly, they have native magazine apps for each major publication under their portfolio. Take a look at Conde Nast, for example. mobile apps for publishers – conde nast apps At a brief search in App Store and Google Play, you’ll find no less than 10 mobile magazine apps under the Conde Nast brand. Which can only mean Egypt Phone Number these big media outlets understood that native app magazines are the next big thing if you want to always stay connected to your readers. What are native magazine apps? Some publishers prefer to create their own native magazine apps. And have total control of how they distribute the content.

Native Apps Are A Great

Way for publishers to offer the ultimate reading experience and share their content in the most organic way. Because they have total control of the way the app looks and works like. Even the way they monetize their content by analyzing what sort of content is more popular among various segments and pulling in dynamic, personalized ads. But some of these magazines like Vogue, for instance, work on membership. You can either buy an individual number or an annual membership and enjoy Vogue all year long, through just a few clicks, directly on your smartphone. native magazine apps But you see, as a smaller publisher who’s just struggling to make ends meet, it’s very difficult to create your own native magazine app.

Egypt Phone Number

Mostly because developing your own mobile app takes a lot of time, knowledge and, of course, money. The approval process can get quite frustrating. To get your app up there on App Store or Google Play will take a bit of time. Not to mention promoting it, getting good reviews and people to download your app. It all takes quite a bit of tedious work. Don’t worry though! It’s fine not to take the plunge and choose to publish your content differently. There are so many other options that can help get your content to the right audience for you. How to choose the right magazine app for your content There are so many things to take into consideration when deciding to start an online magazine of your own.

From Content Management

To revenue model and so on. I’m not here to go into the specifics of building an online magazine from scratch but more so what to do with it after it’s ready to see the light of shelves. Physical or digital. How exactly to choose the right platform for your online magazine when you are just starting out? Or perhaps you’ve tried a few platforms and nothing fits quite like a glove. But it all depends on your goal, mostly. You may want to grow exposure and get your content out there or you may want to increase sales. Or even both. Web or app? This is the question. Again, it depends on your goals in publishing.

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