The beauty of print is tangible and there’s nothing quite like flipping through a freshly printed magazine. However, accessibility and great user experience are key reasons why the digital magazine market is continuously growing. In our previous article, we discussed everything about how to start a digital magazine. But once you figure out all of this, you need to monetize your publication and this can be quite a challenging step. In order to help you, we’ve put together six tips that will guide you not only to sell your digital magazine but also to do it in a clever way. 1. Target the audience of your digital magazine digital magazine audience Finding your audience is probably one of the first things you should do even before you start a digital magazine.

You have to know who you’re writing for and most importantly, where is your audience. For example, if you have a website with a steady traffic and choose to sell your publication there, then make sure you track the visitors who get here as they are a valuable audience. Once you identify them, you can approach them either via e-mail, on-site messages Austria Phone Number retargeting. Use these channels to reach out to them and make offers they can’t refuse in order to convert them. 2. Choose a platform choose-a-platform-digital-magazine Deciding where to sell your digital magazine is a crucial step. If you have a website and the means to sell your publication there, then you’re all set.

The Advantage Of This Method

Is that you don’t have to share your profits, however it also means that you need to have a steady audience and take care of the promotion aspect to reach out to as many people as possible from your target audience. Another way to sell your digital magazine is to upload it on a digital publishing platform. This way you can sell your publication to a large number of people but usually, you will need to share a part of your revenue with them. At Flipsnack, we recently added the sell publications feature and the best thing is that we won’t charge you any fees. This way you get to share your magazine with the world while keeping the revenue generated by your sales.

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Apps are also an asset for publishers who are looking to increase the visibility of their digital magazine, as they can be found by browsing globally recognised online stores such as Google Play and the iTunes app store. In-app purchases encourage sales as they offer an easy and secure way for readers to purchase content within a free-to-download app. 3. Sell digital magazine subscriptions digital-magazine-subscriptions There is no mystery that offering subscriptions for your digital magazine is probably one of the most common ways to build customer loyalty. Based on studies and practice, subscriptions can be a big part revenue stream. Auto-renewing subscriptions are a great way to encourage sales since they rely on the principle that instead of opting in to renew each month. Users have to opt out to cancel their renewal.

This Selling Model Increases

The chances that your readers will be present for more than just one subscription cycle. Which automatically makes you benefit from subscription revenue on long term. Another tried-and-tested way to boost sales is to give your readers a free subscription trial. This applies best for at least 6 month subscriptions or annual ones. It can be as simple as putting a short form in an existing publication. You can offer one or two months worth of free trial to give your audience a taste of your content. Once it expires, the subscription will be renewed at full price unless the reader previously cancels it. 4. Leverage your previous issues previous-digital-magazine-issues Your past issues shouldn’t go to waste.

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