So whether you’re a social media expert or just starting out, it’s important to stay active and up-to-date to attract more customers to your business . Here are seven ways to improve your efforts. Often, the lack of activity between large campaigns cause cross-platform strategies to become flat during those time periods. Implementing internal studies is a great way to shake things up, add a spark to your social activities, and make sure you’re continually posting.

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The length of your posts across platforms to test Uganda Phone Number engagement rates. Setting up a two-week test phase on the length of the posts will allow you to control your variables to obtain reliable and conclusive data. Use this two-week period to test the length of your posts while controlling for other variables like time of day, tone, calls-to-action, resource types, etc. Whatever element of posts you decide to test, make sure you do it in a way that informs your decisions later. Another route that can be taken is to create an internal goal achievement campaign.

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Additionally, you can promote your efforts even further by creating additional short-term goals to work on over the course of 2-3 weeks. This way you can stay consistent on posts – even more often than normal! Work with your content team and set goals for each other. Doing so can improve things and produce great results. 2) PROMOTIONS Daily promotions are a great way to create both a change of pace and add a new element to your social strategy. These promotions – repeated daily or weekly activities – get high engagement and make users want to come back.

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