When you don’t have oil, you have ideas. One of the simplest solutions is to sell your digital products. Indeed, you can offer your customers e-books or sales training Bolivia Email List programs on your site. This digital format can be quickly designed. You will then need to install a payment link by PayPal or any other secure payment site to complete the transaction. The e-book should be exclusive, relevant and informative to gain the trust of your readership. When writing your e-book, be sure to follow simple rules such as giving each sentence different information. Readers should find the data they are looking for without having to get lost in paraphrases. You can also offer your customers subscriptions that offer monthly video training.

Finally, it will be possible to set up an affiliate system to make your blog profitable. Here, a contract is established between the two parties so that the affiliate offers the services of his partner on his web space. For each visit, sales or subscription to the newsletter of the partner site, the affiliate receives a percentage. In all, it is a little more than a hundred euros per month that it will be possible to earn by this means. For this association to be really effective, it is important that the partner chooses to offer products related to the theme of the blog.

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In short, to make your blog profitable, you will have several means at your disposal. Whether you go through Google Adsense, by selling products, advertising space or by affiliating, all means are good to try to make your blog as profitable as possible. If the reading community that follows you is regular, you will be able to benefit from more substantial income which will give you the means to grow your business online. Indeed, if your site is flourishing, it will be possible to offer you the services of a web marketing agency to further improve the visibility of your blog.


It is often easier and less expensive to call on an SEO expert. The latter has the knowledge to offer you the possibility of placing yourself effectively on the search engines . But what is its role? What are the advantages of leaving your site in the hands of a professional? Today, focus on SEO experts. The SEO expert’s mission is to strategically position his clients’ websites in search engines. Indeed, it has the necessary capabilities to improve a site’s position on Google. By deploying a range of strategic action, the SEO professional can deliver sustained traffic to your site . The expert will: Define an SEO action aimed at improving your SEO.

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By using crawl analysis, logs and optimization of loading time, the expert can correct errors that affect the positioning of your site. To be able to propose marketing actions to its customers, SEO is often accompanied by a content strategy. Master the network and netlinking. Relational part of SEO, netlinking consists of establishing partnerships to register your site in an ecosystem that will offer it visibility on the SERPs. Whether it’s for writing articles or growing your reading community, it’s a time-consuming activity. You also may not have time to analyze the latter and train yourself on tools that are unfamiliar to you.

What the SEO expert offers is to offer you the opportunity to save time while having results. Indeed, you can entrust the total management of your site to a professional who will take care of maintaining and developing it. In addition, search engines work by following a particular algorithm . This program is constantly evolving over time to improve the referral system. To remain efficient over time, we must continually adapt to this algorithm. However, this takes a considerable amount of time. Here too, the SEO professional is an essential player in the maintenance of your web space. Indeed, the latter supports its customers over time. If the algorithm changes, the expert will do everything possible to adapt your site to the new standard. Thus, you do not lose performance or SEO.

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