Manifesto Professional Writers Disciplined Creativity

It’s a conversation-starter that the well-intentioned party guest. Thinks will be a fun question to prompt people to share their passions and dreams. The careers they’d like to have — if only … I reply bluntly. I can’t help myself. “What I currently do.” Such a buzzkill. The misery-loves-company train does not want to bond with the person. Who actually knows how to make money as freelance writer. I knew I wanted to be a writer before. I was aware I wanted to be a professional writer. It was the first activity I was drawn to and, all these years later, it’s still my first priority. But most people write in some capacity, and for many. Being a professional writer seems like a made-up job. A career that happens magically.

Professional Writers Break Their Routines

Or by accident. A one-in-a-million scenario where a piece of your writing happens to gain popularity. You know, desperate aspirations of “going viral.” When, in fact, the exact opposite is true if you want to become a freelance writer. There’s no sorcery. No coincidence or random luck. No inspirational quotes for Job Function Email Database writers that hold up in practice. For professional writers, every choice needs to be painstakingly intentional. It’s part of our nature to create. We want to build. We want to innovate. It’s fun and it makes us feel alive. We’re creators. That doesn’t mean our writing habits always help us meet our goals. Because we talk. We’re also talkers. And often, the more we talk, the less we accomplish. Not always, but when someone is preoccupied with talking about a great creative idea.

Success Pillars for Professional Writers

They tend to neglect nurturing, developing. And executing the idea over time. That’s why creative concepts, alone, bore me. They don’t necessarily make you a successful writer at work. Show me the strategy and storyselling. I’ve been using the term Disciplined Creativity for the past several years. But I haven’t explicitly described what it means … until now. What does Disciplined Creativity look like for professional writers with marketing ethics? Below is a brief, 10-part manifesto on the Disciplined Creativity it takes to BEB Directory work like a pro. Commit to your own production schedule The First Rule of Disciplined Creativity is follow-through.

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