In addition, certain smells have cognitive interactions which are specific to them. Vanilla or cinnamon will inspire comfort or warmth, while a citrus scent Papua New Guinea Email List will be perceived as invigorating. Several brands therefore use olfactory marketing as a lever for differentiation by creating unique olfactory atmospheres, through aerosols but also by creating scented products. Touch is at the center of much marketing research . The sense of touch is the most intimate of all our senses. tactile marketing sense of touch Tactile Marketing – Credit: Image courtesy of KTH The Royal Institute of Technology. The possibility of touching a product allows us to appreciate its quality, but it implicitly induces the idea of ​​immediate belonging. The proportion of purchase is increased if the stimulus is positive.

Online sales professionals are embracing this essential notion of touch marketing by offering free trial periods and returns to erase touch deprivation. The sense of touch has a direct link with our emotions. According to a recent study, we would be more inclined to tip the waiter who touches us on the shoulder by asking us if we liked the meal. Likewise, interpersonal touch would have positive effects in a B2B sales context .  As consumers are exposed to hundreds of commercials daily, businesses capture their attention by stimulating instinctive areas of the brain. The use of sensory marketing makes it possible to reinforce the identity of a product, a brand or a place of sale, and in the long term an attachment and a loyalty of the customers.

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Emotional Marketing seeks to make a link between your product and the emotions it will bring to your customers. While a pragmatic marketing will focus on promoting your product for its appearance, useful, practical, aesthetic … Whatever the mode of communication adopted (Webmarketing, Advertising Spot, Print, …) , emotional advertising affects all audiences regardless of their age groups with a predominance for our generation Y (a privileged target of marketers) and a few be their cultures. Emotions are universal! All distribution sectors, whether luxury or low cost, are surfing on this strategy of emotional connection . In figures: The emotions generated by a brand or a product represent 70% of purchases. emotional marketing club med happiness Marketing of emotions then… Yes, but which ones?


There are 2 main families of emotions There are positive emotions and negative emotions which are themselves divided into 2 other groups. The primary emotions such as joy, sadness, The secondary emotions such as pride, frustration, … The key thematic notions of emotional marketing : Humor will capture the consumer’s attention, Love, happiness will bring a feeling of security, comfort, … Fear and anger will aim to shock consumers in order to make them react to bad practices, for example (road safety campaigns) . Emotional Targeting Tools Emotional marketing has been a part of advertising campaigns for several years. As proof: studies of advertising effectiveness (also called emotional effectiveness) aiming to collect emotional data are constantly developing.

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We also observe the emergence of emotion analysis tools and targeting solutions such as: Analysis of verbatim and emoticons post advertising campaigns on social networks, biometric and physiological sensors. (analysis of eye reactions, EEG tests, heart rhythms, sweating) The Facial Coding (method of describing facial movements) on neuromarketing , analysis of voice, proves that we are well anchored in the Age of Data emotional. Example: Unruly custom audiences targets Australian consumers “most likely to have a strong emotional connection to a specific video”, thereby increasing the impact of the campaign and its results. The benefits of emotional marketing Based on the scientifically proven observation that it is emotion that generates motivation, it is also emotion that promotes action and by extension: the act of purchasing …

In addition, the individual feels a particular feeling thanks to the brand causing a strong emotion: the target-brand link is established … And since the target is hit in the heart: they remember the brand and communicate about it, orally for example, but also by sharing on social networks… Objective achieved !! Below: Co-Schedule graph relating the intensity of emotions to the number of shares: emotional marketing Co-Schedule Average Emotional Value Score Emotional Marketing Co-Schedule Average Emotional Value Score @CoShedule Marketers are often loyal to an emotional connection that works: Souvenirs… An advertisement that the under 30s cannot know (1985): And one from the same brand, much more recent (2016):

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